Poloniex dipshits delist DGB because its founder criticized TRON.

I just picked up on the news that Poloniex delisted another cryptocurrency thats inside the top 100 tokens on MC. "Digibyte". It could be the best crypto out there or the worst shitcoin. I dont know, but what i do know is what their reason was to delist it.

When it happened to Steem a few weeks ago i always suspected that there was more to the delisting then simply low volume. Clearly the TRX agenda drives decisions more then anything else.


Jared came out criticizing TRON (i dont see what he said wrong :) ) and Poloniex basically gave DGB a middle finger and announced the delisting because, obviously, they cant have anyone attacking their "Great leader".


The DGB founder was harsh in his remarks but thats beside the point. Its the reaction by Poloniex that shows how much of a shilling instrument this exchange will be for TRX and for Justin.
I would hardly be surprised if every single token listed has a TRX trading pair and only TRX has a trading pair with any stablecoin.


It very much seems that Justin will use his influence to push out any cryptocurrency whose founder might step on his toes or criticize TRON. He is already good friends with CZ and we know what kind of power Binance holds over Crypto. A whisper in his ear and CZ could easily get a crypto cut from the Binance roster.

You guys fear governments, fiat and banks???
There is no bigger danger for crypto then centralized exchanges. They can make or break a cryptocurrency and when someone wields so much power they can literally mold the space to their own satisfaction.

Consider how insane that is. And we are talking freedom here from oppression and unfair treatment.
We just replaced one oppressive power for another.


Anyways, just a heads up if you ever decide to use Poloniex. Simply DONT.
Dont make dipshits rich and support their shilling.

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05.12.2019 16:32

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05.12.2019 16:32

Yup, much of crypto space is filled with people who want to become the new elite.

05.12.2019 17:27

This was bound to happen since the main tool for token distribution is trading in a market that is deeply crooked and manipulated.
Become part of the elite or get stomped by them.

05.12.2019 17:59

Well, not much we can do about it.

While hoping Binance.US would list STEEM, the chance of that happening seems very unlikely.

05.12.2019 18:13

It is very unlikely. Justin is stuck to CZ skin like a parasite, like a tick. If Poloniex delisted Steem just before Justin acquired it theres very little chance Binance US will list it.
Hope im wrong and CZ doesnt have much say in it or that they will just not care enough.

06.12.2019 18:55

Probably not care enough is my guess.

06.12.2019 19:11

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lol, thats funny actually

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¸Youre the kingscrown guy farming rewards with an alt account, right?

I think ill stick with the @ocd judgement.

10.12.2019 09:57

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