Its time to put "The Mainstream" above "The Crypto"// SMTs, Communities.

As i mentioned in one of my previous posts ive been participating in the "Crypto twitter" mania. Mostly ive been shilling Steem and being a contrarian on Bitcoin.
Although someone told me that apparently im not a shill if im not getting paid and i really, really, really believe in Steem. I preferred being able to call myself a shill. It sounded special. Oh well, cant have everything in life.

I came to a few conclusions during my time there.
Most dont believe the words that are coming out their mouths as clearly demonstrated during the "Youtube ban scare". Theres this established dogma that determines how you should act in certain situation and what youre allowed to say to be "accepted".
So its kind of tough for people to get their word out if they think for themselves and arent just monkeys dancing to a tune.

Im all for shocking claims but the insanity that is taken for wisdom on twitter is just too great.
Its like the craziest you can make your claim in service of your token the better off you are.

You have tweets about Bitcoin toppling down governments, the economy collapsing, Bitcoin replacing central banks, crypto replacing fiat. All kinds of insane Doomsday scenarios.

This is the exact thing that makes crypto holders look like nutjobs.

Oh LB, you hold crypto?...

I guess hes one of "those" people.

I dont want to be put in the same bin with the Anti-vaccination idiots, conspiracy theory nuts, climate change deniers. I really dont. Its this stereotypical idea of what a crypto user is that is alive precisely because of Crypto Twitter. Precisely because you have to make increasingly preposterous claims to get your face in the window.

Its time to move away from that. Its time to stop trying to give idiotic claims the time of day.
Crypto has a future in utility tokens, it has a potential future in being one of the many currency options ouut there but there wil be no Bolshevik type revolution that will topple kings and queenns.
You were raised eating pudding and choco puffs and watching Cartoon Netwrk. Lets be honest here, you aint going to do nothing except write some mean tweeets online.

Im going to say it again:

In the great scheme of things of STEEM or of any other crypto succeeding , all the buzz words like "privacy", "anonymity", "security", "censorship resistance", "immutability", "hash power" mean JACK SHIT.

Im not saying that its not nice having those things but when it comes to mainstream adoption and appealing to the wider populace all of this is meaningless. Its beyond meaningless. In the western world of the Bitcoin maximalists these are fringe issues.
Im from a ex communist country and i know what censorship is. Its the thing we had 30 years ago before the snowflakes came along and tried to claim the description for when a private company bans them for being dicks online.

Want to know what real censorship is?

Its this.

Moving on.

If you have too shove ideologydown people throats (Which Bitcoin maximalists do on a daily basis) to sell your crypto then your crypto sucks.

There are only 4 things that matter.

1. How easy is it to get into?
2. How risky is it to get into?
3. How easy is it to use?
4. How does it improve my life?

All of that summed up into:

How good is the user experience.

That is all that matters, that is all that ever mattered.
My love for crypto has nothing to do with ideology and i ideologically differ from majority of people here. All i care about is how this "thing" improves my life.

To all the crypto ideologs out there i hope you find some SJWs or liberals and you _fight out, with your "ideals" out._


My point here is that once SMTs go live with communities and Guest accounts @steemit should start a push towards the mainstream. These crypto "collabs" are cool and all but at that point Steem simply has too much to offer to the regular non crypto user to get stuck in the insanity that is the crypto commuity and in trying tto convince them that its a good idea to come to steem and build their community.
Theyde rather drown in a river of fire then give another token legitimacy towards the quality of the project by using it.

We need to move away from the Dogmas of crypto, drop them almost completely. They dont work for Steem, do they?
Snimka zaslona (2).png

and fFocuss on the solutions we offer. Approach those that would benefit from the solutions Steem offers instead of trying to convince crypto holders of anything.
A dollar in STEEM is a dollar nott in ETH.
Soe thoughts. Ill see ya soon.

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27.12.2019 14:21

Like any situation, I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Google and Facebook have gone mad with power and seemingly want to silence some people, but that's not always what's going on, and some people are and always will just be crybabies. Deplatforming seems more likely to happen with people who have the "wrong" political opinions. What happens in 2020 will be interesting to watch from a distance.

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27.12.2019 14:23

But its all burdened with political opinions. Ideology is taking over crypto as well. Instead of it being about the technology and it improving someones life its become about spreading fringe ideas especially in cases when the cryptocurrency in question just isnt usable to any satisfactory level.
When something is for all intents and purposes mostly useless then all you are left with is appealing to ideology.

Steem doesnt have to appeal to any ideology. There are a huge number of tokens out there that dont either.
Bitcoin has to.

27.12.2019 14:53

Absolutely. There are some people who are all-in on Bitcoin and think anyone who disagrees with them is an idiot. Then there are people who are the exact same, but about Ripple or something else.

No one loves Steem!



27.12.2019 15:09

Lol. Im not saying that Steem is the best at solving everything. There are different tokens out there that solve different things. But theres a lot of tokens that dont solve anything and never will but are hyped beyond belief.
Questioning them being akin to blasphemy.

27.12.2019 15:34

Yeah, I was just joking. I love Steem. :)

27.12.2019 15:47

It's why I've always tried to convince my friend that is a good place to write and interact on. Nobody really cares about all the stuff you mention above. Will, outside the cryptosphere that is!

27.12.2019 14:36

I mean they dont care about it in the crypto sphere either.

Its the idea of it that they will praise but never give a chance to the practical manifestation of it simply because "its the other token that does that".

27.12.2019 15:31

"You were raised eating pudding and choco puffs and watching Cartoon Network." you spying on me? 😁
can't say you said anything wrong.

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27.12.2019 14:46

Maybe. lol

27.12.2019 15:29

It's the LordButterfly Effect

27.12.2019 15:02


27.12.2019 15:27

ThankYou2_1121 - 191230-153957.gif

30.12.2019 14:41

Been saying that for ages.

Nobody cares about some big corp censorship. Or even free transactions. Not your averages internet surfers. Hell, it’s not even accurate to say you won’t be spied here.

Shills keep shoving the “buzz words” to the wrong people.

I think by this point, Steem is only useful for people to paint a “new” cyberspace persona for yourself because it’s not linked to the mainstream right now.

27.12.2019 18:18

Once they launch communities and SMTs and in case they allow people to distribute ad revenue (if doesnt allow it some other front end like @steempeak will) between holders what you get is a true use case with tokens that have tangible value.

Essentially a Reddit but better in every way, considering they fix the UI and copy some of the functionality.
At that point you have a product for the mass market.

28.12.2019 11:31

im not a shill if im not getting paid

i just upvoted / paid you, you Shill! lol

27.12.2019 22:50

Hey, its 7 days till the payout. You know what we say on Steem.. not yours till its in your wallet. haha

28.12.2019 11:33

yep. If applicable, tax deductions first by the people for the people. :)

28.12.2019 22:50

Here he is, Lord Shillifly 😜

But yea you pretty much nailed it, I didn't even join steem because I had a passion for crypto but rather for writing and joining a blogging network and found it pretty good fun. Then stuck around.

I've been trying to cobble together some non-technical speaking blogs about steem which doesn't even mention the word "blockchain" in for the very reasons you mentioned! No one cares about the tech, speak in a language that the audience you're trying to attract speaks and then we'll get somewhere...Hopefully!

27.12.2019 23:53

speak in a language that the audience you're trying to attract speaks and then we'll get somewhere

Sure. Paulag did a great job explaining Steem to a guy during their excel talks few weeks ago. It was simple and it explained it well to the laymen.
Trying to fight crypto holders over how Steem is not a shitcoin, how its not a scam, how it works and delivers a product and a real use case is a waste of time.

Explaining the technicals to a non crypto person will overload their brain with information and in the end achieve nothing.

28.12.2019 11:37

I find the crypto community a fickle bunch. It's like "anger-squared" for some reason! But I'm not interested in them so much, naysayers will always be around but we shouldn't waste our focus on them, there's tens/hundreds of millions of new folks to be pulled in.

I was just speaking with @c0ff33a about this and how communities on STEEM will provide the tools for some much needed niching and targeted marketing strategies to be put to practice for those who want to listen. Will be a bit easier than having a scatter gun approach I think - exciting times ahead!

28.12.2019 13:17

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28.12.2019 06:42

ngl I love that planet explosion gif a bit more than I should.

28.12.2019 22:23

im try to understand

30.12.2019 00:44