Found out that the guy that made my banner was one of the worst plagiarists on the platforms... haha


Yesterday my VP was slowly getting filled up so i started looking around blogs of some of my old acquaintances to give a vote to until i ran into something interesting.

A number of months ago i was in a discord group called "Helpie" that had a pretty active chat so i used to stick around and converse a bit.
There was this guy, @bembelmaniac that hung around there every day, was super active for months..
He had a weird personality, a short fuse but for most part was a regular member in the discord channel... and as i learned just recently, he was one of the worst plagiarists on STEEM.

He claimed he was a war veteran with PTSD (true or not, i dunno) and he would often complain how people arent appreciating his content more and how honest content creators should be rewarded more...
Funny now that you think about it, lol, knowing all of his content was stolen.

He "wrote" (translated from German) this parenting series where he would talk about, well ... parenting stuff. I read it a few times and it was pretty well written. He would even get a number of big votes from time to time and often got picked up by curation services.

I usually wouldnt care enough to write a post about some guy stealing content on the internet but in this case i made an exception ......because i was fooled.
Fooled so much that i wouldnt even suspect it even if he went on doing it for years..

It really goes to show how important services like @steemflagrewards and @steemcleaners are.
In this case, if it wasnt for steemcleaners this guy would potentially keep hiding in plain sight, remain unnoticed, being an active member of the community and continue making money from stealing other peoples content.

Ofc. Once he was found out he disappeared from the Helpie chat and stopped posting all together.
Just like that.

Its kind of strange when you think about it. How some people are willing to be extremely active members of the community and spend a lot of time that way, but on the other hand steal content and are unwilling to put in some effort to place a string of words on a page.

Just a short story and ill see you around. ;)

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lol, maybe the banner was also plagiarized πŸ˜‚

17.10.2019 19:13

Haha. I think thats hardly the case, but you never know with those pesky plagiarists.

17.10.2019 19:27

Well, at least he put some effort in his plagiarism unlike the average plagiarist here, so in a way he earned those votes by right πŸ˜‚

17.10.2019 20:17

Hes a good translator. πŸ˜‚
He gets credit there.

Hmm. Good idea actually. I could go and translate articles in croatian and no one would figure it out. Theres like 5 of us on Steem. Hahaha.

17.10.2019 20:27

Easy riches baby

17.10.2019 20:45

Hmmm Only one of me on steem😏. Cheers for the idea, if anything that @bembelmaniac is also a pioneer!

17.10.2019 20:59

dammit that is why, I at first always confused you with bembel I would see your banner on steem but assumed it is bembel just having a different username for some reason. I even saw your name then in discord and went to bembels account once to see something not sure what but what really confused me is when I stalk the discord channels and read how happy clappy bembel is plus having heard him on voice before and I am super judgemental so when I come to your post thinking it is him but like it that confuckulates me :)

17.10.2019 20:49

Haha. Nah. I dont speak german.

20.10.2019 10:02

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