Music: 1 - Space Lord!

Space Lord Monster Magnet

I stumbled on this old "turn up" gem from a while back! ;) This shit used to really get me pumped! The way it was composed really hit me with a little shot of adrenaline!

Space Lord, Motherfucker!

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I see a good bit of people posting songs they like and such, so I figured I would contribute by posting some of my own personal favorites as well! I am hoping to find more good music that I haven't heard. I enjoy most genres, so I'll have to see what's out there that other people enjoy!

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Monster Magnet... :0)
It's like stepping in a time machine. Great way to start the day.

04.08.2019 07:43

It totally gets me amped when I need it! Playing it during working out gives me a little extra boost! :)
Definitely a good way to start the day with something great from the past!
Although, it's the end of the day for me. About to hit the hay after a long night of whiskey drinking and card playing. :)
Hope you have a great one though! Thanks for stopping in and commenting.

04.08.2019 07:45