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Sketchbook goodness part 5

Greetings steemians

Time for another part of my sketchbook pieces. This time two of them are real-life situations, like a vacation diary ;)
As always sorry for lack of "production " photos but those were made in my travel sketchbook in many places in several occasions (never in one sitting, too busy I guess).
If there is anyone new to my inks then the whole process consists of three steps:
1) visualize in head
2) ink on paper
3) repeat ;)


Yeah, that's pretty accurate representation of our packing process... either way

Pitching a tent

Let me give you some introduction to this second piece (which in fact was the first of the three).
1) We went to Croatia with a tent. 16 hours road - arrived around 10am. Tired but happy
2) turned out that the ground (full of stones) is so dried up from all the sun that it's almost impossible to pitch a tent and nail it to the ground. Took me almost two hours and four different places before I finally made it. Tired and angry
3) good thing I took my time with pitching the tent and did it thoroughly because in the evening came the storm and winds so strong that our tent almost flew away. Almost. Tired and tired.
Good thing that the rest of vacation went pretty smooth from now on ;)

Ruff Ryder

Just for fun

Alright, that's all for now, hope you enjoyed reading :)
until next time

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