But dad! - a short comic

Greetings steemians
I've just noticed that I haven't posted here my comic which I have submitted to last year's short comic story competition at MFKiG ( basically the biggest comic convention in Poland and one of the biggest in this part of europe).
All in all I've received special mention award and some cash ;) which is nice.

Oh the comic features two of my sons and, ahem, me.


But dad!...

Hope you enjoyed it

Until next time

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30.01.2020 11:26

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30.01.2020 11:26

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30.01.2020 11:27
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30.01.2020 12:33

aww this is super cute and cool. I can't blame the little guys, gotta chase the moon fox and save the moon!

31.01.2020 00:24

Glad you like it :)
Watch out with the spoilers ;)

31.01.2020 09:35


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31.01.2020 03:26

Very cool comic and story. It certainly deserves an upvote. =)

31.01.2020 15:10

Thank you @leoplaw :)

01.02.2020 06:17