A "blow" fish :) dream Vision

Greetings steemians :)

Have you ever had that situation when you're really really tired but you try to continue what you're doing - reading a book, drawing etc - and suddenly your brain stats to hallucinate and drifts away ? I have:) many times.
From what I've heard Salvadore Dali used that dreamy visions state to get inspirations for his paintings. Form what I recall he used to seat with a teaspoon in his hand when he was worn out and the moment he was falling asleep the teaspoon fell from his hand to the ground making noise and waking him up - allowing him to recall the visions his brain was serving him :)
I'm no Salvadore Dali but the artwork I want to share with you was something of a vision my tired mind started creating when I was drawing something completely different. To be honest I'm not quite sure how it really looked in my vision, because it faded away quickly but the general idea stuck in my head.
Hope you like it :)

Started drawing It in my trusty moleskine sketchbook right after i saw it but had to give up quite early on and finally got some sleep. All in all it took me about 4-5 evenings to finish.

The "blow" fish

Blow. Get it?
Cause he, y'know, blows... and.. yeah...

This one was made with pigma micron 03. Those sakura pens haven't failed me so far and personally they're my favourite inkpens. The paper is moleskine - my first sketchbook from them but definitely not last. It's really smooth and thick, also opens wide easily which is really helpful on bigger pieces.


Hope you enjoyed this trip;)

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25.07.2019 16:19

I did not know about the dream vision and how Dali was using it. I ve experienced the feeling but the recall of the vision is always kind of hard, i guess it takes practice,lol. Your artwork is amazing, so sureal and dreamy:)

25.07.2019 16:21

@georgeboya thank you, yes it is hard to recall. Like I've written - I remember the general idea but not exactly how it looked:)

25.07.2019 18:26

Love all the detail in your art and thank you for sharing that info about Dali and the dreamy visions techinque x

25.07.2019 16:49

@trucklife-family thankyou :) Dali was a truly unique person

25.07.2019 18:23

Amazing work. Salvador Dali is my favorite artist.

25.07.2019 18:11

@derangedvisions thanks! He was one of the greatest for sure :)

25.07.2019 18:23

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25.07.2019 22:29

The image just stuck out in the feed. :)

26.07.2019 02:26

@machnbirdsparo standing out is a good thing mostly ;)

26.07.2019 17:34

Wow, just awesome!

26.07.2019 03:13
26.07.2019 08:29

This is so awesome @longer !!! You have really great touch in this one !

26.07.2019 06:57

@aalagenesis thank you. Appreciated:)

26.07.2019 08:30

Impresionante su capacidad creativa. Excelente. Felicitaciones. aliriera

26.07.2019 15:39

Brilliant! Really impressive shading (if that's still what you call it in this style lol).

27.07.2019 05:14

Thank you
Guess it still is shading ;)

27.07.2019 09:44

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27.07.2019 12:25

This is really quite lovely. <3 I'm particularly impressed by your use of the book-spine as the center of the illustration. I've always shied away from that crack!

Truly beautiful work – glad I followed the OCD post to find this gem. :)


28.07.2019 23:23

@zipporah I was kind of in awe when I first saw people's drawings that went through both pages in the sketchbook and it looked good ;)
Turns out there are sketchbooks where you can do that and its ok, and there are sketchbooks that are not meant for that really.
Thankyou :)

03.08.2019 22:33