Who is your High Priest, that you were told to follow? Study to show that you are approved...

A Religion that claims their God controls everything... When a child has unspeakable things done to her or him by those in that religion and others... think about that and let it sink in.

But another God that says he will allow the whole world will be deceived... by what? The Dragons Tale or Tail that will bring down 2/3 of the Angels of Heaven...

What tale, one made up by the Priests of Rome, that love borrowing or stealing from other religions and make them their own. They stole from the Greeks and then they stole from the Jews then made it serve them and sold it to you. Buy Bull, the religion of Mithra celebrated on Dec. 25th, the Winter's Solstice, the darkest of days... coincidence?

The coldest of nights, supposedly when the new lambs are born and would freeze to death?

A God whose Spirit would forgive all the Evil in the World and Curse all the Good. Anyone that did not worship the Name of a Man gave to an Image. The New God of Rome, a Graven Image and a Virgin for a Mother the New Queen of Rome and Heaven.

The Son that denies his Mother, says he has no Mother and that God is his Father.

Stephen as he is being stoned to Death... Says he sees the Son of Man standing beside God, Our Father. The King of Kings that the Prince of Peace is standing beside according to Stephen's Vision. The Lord of Lords, the One that the Son gives all the glory to. The only One, that calls the Son of man his Son too. The One that the Son says is his Master and that there is only One God of All, not 2.

Not one Good God and another Evil, only one Creator and the Commandments agree with him.

Consider, if Tares added to the wheatfield as words taken and added to the pages of the Gospels and the Letters... Poison added to Good Wine as Lies added to the words of the Truth tellers.

Jesus, the Christ, says for a reason "if you add to and take away from these words, then all the Curses and plagues in the Books will be added unto you". The God of the Jews and Gentiles too, Our Father, the Creator, the Great Spirit says, he will no be Mocked, you reap whatever you sow, good bad or evil, the works or the fruit.

The God, that Chief Seattle says, "We are all the children of God the Creator, why then do you Kill Us...?" Speaking to the European Christian Invaders...

Why because of the Curse of Heresy, added to the Good Words of the Gospel. What judges the World, that the Messiah says do not judge?

Jesus, the Christ, the Son of God and the Son of Man says, DO NOT CURSE. Follow the Golden Rule, write the Commandments on your Hearts, and the Law is fulfilled with Love, not the killing and shedding the blood of any Sacrifice.

Read Jer. 7:21, Psalms 40:6, and Hosea 6:6. 666 the Name of a Man given to an Image. The Prince of Peace remade into the God of War. The King of Kings replaced with the Queen of Heaven, Our Heavenly Father that says Jesus/Yahshua is his Son, the Christ, that he sent.

Our Father...Hallowed be that Name. Replaced by all the Priests of Rome, Virgins calling themselves Fathers. That call virgins, Mothers, claiming that Women defile Men, that God curses Women and made Men's nature Evil, that of Devils, unable to do Good.

The Lord God that so loves this world and destroyed mankind once for being Evil...?

As ye believe so shall it be, but it will not be the truth that sets the captive free. What chains bind those deceived by the lying liars, the blind following the blind. told they must not open their own eyes and ears...

Stop letting Fear fill the cup to full to overflowing and your Love turned into Hate. The Poison that kills you while you wait for your enemies to die before you.

Who is your High Priest, that you were told to follow? Study to show that you are approved...

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