Who is in control of the Narrative of the Messiah's Teachings and Preachings

Who is in control of the Narrative of the Messiah's Teachings and Preachings, of the Church/Temples that he built/builds? The Messiah, the Apostles, the Priests of Rome, Emperor Constantine, Paul, The Popes of Rome, The Kings and Queens of Europe, The Catholics, the Protestants?

The Disciples that Follow and Believe that Jesus was and is the Messiah sent by the God and Father of the Jews and Gentiles ie, the Creator, the Divine, Great Spirit, Our Father...hallowed be that name...

A Name that the Christ told the Disciples, not to call one another. Why, because we are all the children of one God as Father to ALL. And we are all sons and daughters if we do the goodwill of that Master as his obedient servants, not doing our own will... We are all Brothers and Sisters to the Messiah and therefore each other, according to his own written testimony.

Who says and judges Heresy in the Gospel?

Who Tortures Women and Children and Curses them or says Women defile the Men in the Gospel? Or That God is deaf dumb and blind to the Evil that Men do to Women and Children and they will not reap what they sow or all is forgiven them?

Whenever is the Living example of the Messiah, sinful, bad, or evil? What then is the example that all Disciples of the Messiah Follow, what is the Mark they seek to hit and the target? What race do Disciples run? What knowledge lacking do the people suffer from? What Truth sets the Captives Free? What causes the Sleeper to awaken in thee?

BTW, where and when does Jesus, the Christ, sent by the Deity his Father and Ours... Say to judge who and on what grounds other Human Beings, Our Neighbors near or far, our Family Members rich or poor, our friends or our enemies go to Heaven or Hell?

It seems every Church on a street corner, promises only they can get you into Heaven and that every other Church is the path to hell.

Just like any "good" Capitalist or Snake Oil salesperson will tell you. Only their product can save you from certain doom as they Demonize, ridicule and judge every other product on the market that competes with their Sales, the Bottom Line of every Politician, worth their own weight in Gold or their Ego.

When and where does Jesus, the Christ, Preach and Teach to the Jews, his Disciples, and Apostles, the Chosen of Christ and the Prophets? That anyone that refuses to follow him and pick up their own Cross, Keep the Commandments, follow the Golden Rule, and Obey the Law that is only fulfilled, not with Shed Blood but with Love, Obedience, and Mercy for one another.

As you would obey your own Earthly Father that admonishes you to Love one another, love each other as Sisters and Brothers, Family of Heaven and Earth.

Where and When does the Christ, the Messiah, sent by Yahweh, the Deity, the Creator, the Tree of Life of Jews and Gentiles everywhere? Ever say to FEAR Evil or is the living example of it? Does Yahshua, Jesus the Son of Man, ever say that Satan is the Greatest of All Enemies...?

How does the Messiah and his God and Father, treat their Enemies, his Brothers and Sisters... and his Children, Sons, and Daughters... according to the Spirit and that Spirit of Truth. Narrated, defined by the relationship of Father to Son that Love one another.

Are there 3 Gods as One... What does the Spirit of Love tell you? What does the relationship between Prince and his King reveal to you? What does the relationship between Master and Servant illuminate equate and relate to you? Who is doing the will of the Other? Who is sending the Others? Who is doing the Works and receiving all the Glory? Who is the One that so Loved this World...?

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