Jesus, the Christ, the Son of God and the Son of Man. The Messiah, anointed by the Deity, and as the High Priest to the Deity of Judaism, that has not changed since Abraham. The Deity, the Creator of Both, Jews and all Gentiles. IE. the Creator believed in by the Founding Fathers of America.

The Masons that believe in the Fatherhood of God, (Our Father that is no Man) and the Brotherhood of Christ as his Son and Brother of all Mankind. A perspective and perception that leads to an interpretation of the Gospels of the Messiah of Judaism. That leads to the principle and precept of "Goodwill towards All" Human Beings.

Despite the religions of Men, that only serves to create the divisions that divide the House and the Families of Man and God.

Instead of Unity that Unites the House as One, one Family, one Tribe, one Nation, and one Race to Run. This, the Belief of the Apostles taught by the Messiah, to the Jews First, then to the Gentiles, to become his Disciples and to Baptised unto Christ, anointed by Our God and Father, the Deity, the Creator.

To be Baptised unto Christ, Our Brother and God, Our Father, as was the Eunuch. One must first believe in your heart and confess with your lips. That Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God...the firstborn of Many Brethren. Sons and Daughters as many as the Stars in the Heavens and the Sands upon the Sea.

How dare the Emperors of Rome, the Popes, the Papistry, the Priesthood, the Kings and Queens, Lords and Ladies, Preachers and Teachers, and Scholars of Europe. Claim that the Good Words of the Gospels and the Baptism by Philip is Heresy!

Either the Majority of the Gospels is as the Wheatfield or it is a Field of Tares, with the Wheat sowed here and there. How much of the Good Word does Christianity, the Mother Churches, and her Daughters, the Sister Churches, discounts and throws away?

The Baby as well as the Bathwater, the Son that leads to that God, Our Father, of Jews and Gentiles too? "To be the Doctrine of the Christ, it must have both the Father and the Son, to be of the Christ. If it does not then it is of the AntiChrist and there are many of them, in the Churches from the Beginning.

Those that say that the Messiah is not, the Christ sent by the God, the Deity of Israel but is the New God of Rome only or is the New God of Britain Only.

The Name Jesus, the Name of a MAN gave to an IMAGE! The Mark of the Beast.

"THOU SHALL NOT WORSHIP ANY GRAVEN IMAGES". Your Heavenly Father is not made out of such as these; wood, stone, clay, brass, or gold...images only and empty of that Good Spirit. Rightly Divide the Father from the Son for only 1 knows the Time and the other says he is a fellow Servant with the same Master, the Owner of the Flock and the Vineyard.

One sends his Holy Spirit of Our Father and the Other sends the Spirit of the Comforter. It is very plain why Emporer Constantine and the Priesthood would want to make Themselves the Holy Fathers of Man and God... Saying that their God Jesus has a Mother and she is the New Queen of Heaven.

Cursing the Jews and forgiving themselves for everything they do to their Enemies, the Women, and the Children... Satan taking on the Appearance of an Angel of Light, according to them, the Priests of Rome and the Vatican.

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According to the Bible, Is the Bible final and complete? How does it support science? (Part 4 of 4)

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