The Power of Pride and the Love of Greed... What corrupts and is the root of all that is Evil

In the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Let us compare what Jesus/Yahshua the Messiah, the Christ says about his God and Father, the God and Father of both Jews and Gentiles ie, everyone that has ever or will be born on/into this world, of a woman and not of a Virgin.

The Deity, that says, "He so loved this world that he decided to send a Son (that he raised) so that through him, this world might be saved". (The Messiah, the High Priest of his God, his Mouthpiece, anointed by the Deity...)

Remember it was the Emperor of Rome Constantine, "The Emperor's New Clothes", that declared a New Interpretation of the Gospels ie, New Testament.

An Interpretation, one that is diametrically opposed to everything that the Apostles have written and said about the God and Father of the Jews, the Prophets, and the Messiah that he sent to the Jews. YHWH says, "my will is that you Love one another" and his will is given in the Commandments, the Golden Rule and the Rule of Law, the Rod of Order. IE, do good, as you are told or you will reap whatever you have sowed.

A Good God as Our Father of All Human Beings, by any name you give it, is good and the relationship defines Our Relationship to one another as Brothers and Sister in the Spirit. And of the Spirit of Our Father, as Sons and Daughters ie, the Children of God. Not by adoption but by creation, the Deity that brought and brings all into existence.

One of the founding principles and precepts of the Church that the Messiah, as High Priest and the First Born of many Brethren, builds his Church and Temple.

The Mother Church, that Great Whore, that sells her services of Forgiveness to the Criminally Elite, the Carnal Minded, to the merchants of this world, and those that Rule over it. Just like her Daughters, the Sister Churches. The Catholics and the Protestants, that play King of the Mountain on a daily basis. The Great Debate, of who is Cursed and the others, are safe from that Pit of Hell.

That they Created by putting pen to paper.

The day in 325 AD that the Nicene Creed was added to the Gospels; the New Wine, and New Cloth of the New Testament. The same way the Talmud was added to the Tanak, the Hadith added to the Koran and the Letters of Paul added to the Good Word of the Messiah.

The only one who's coming was Prophecied by the Prophets.

So sad that Paul, claims he cannot do and does what the Messiah says we must not do. To be the Goodwill of Yahweh and to be a Disciple. "I will call you my Brothers and Sisters if you do the Goodwill of my Father", says the High Priest Yahshua, the Christ.

Yahweh says, "My will is that you Love one another". Do you remember, everything, that the Messiah says about the good word Love? This is what the Holy Spirit of Our Father would teach you and bring perfect Remembrance of it.

Remember, who sends the Spirit of the Comforter... The Messiah, the Christ, the One that YHWH called his Son, for he did the Goodwill of YHWH or YWHY... The one that sends his Holy Spirit... The same one that Baptizes the Messiah, did all the works and Jesus/Yahshua gives all the Glory to... And gives his own witness to who Jesus/Yahshua is.

But the Emperor of Rome Constantine, claims by decree, that anyone that says Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God is guilty of Heresy.

And should be Cursed, Anathema, Judged and condemned to Hell for eternity. Claiming this is what their New God Jesus, their Newest God of War, Graven Images, Human Sacrifices, Lawlessness of Grace Only for the Romans and a Curse upon all the Jews... Says is the New Will of God, the Deity of Rome Only...

Then England and the British make the same argument but against the Romans. Protestants VS Catholics... War, Conquer, Famine, and Death. To the Victor goes the Spoils of Might proves right...

Just ask the Americans what the Christians; Catholics and Protestants from Europe did to them. Their Works and the Fruit of their Fig Trees. Kill, Steal, Destroy for the unforgivable Sin of Hersey.

For not knowing who nor what a Jesus is ie, for not speaking Latin and knowing the Language? Who followed the Golden Rule and practiced the writing of the Commandments upon the Wall of the Heart? Who obeyed the Law?

Who judges others as Savages, Demons, Devils, the Offspring of Satan?

God knows who is good or evil, he sees and hears what you say and do in the Darkness. Believing by Belief, your Sins bad and evil are washed away by imagined blood and hidden by imagined flesh, the New Fig Lief. A God that believes Evil is Perfect and Good deserves his Curse...?

The Lies you tell the Children, teaching them to lie. the Sins you commit teaches them to sin for it will be forgiven. Thou hypocrite, the offspring of Satan, unable to do the goodwill of God and unable to follow the Messiah to that good gate. Wolves in Sheep's Clothing, believing the truth hidden.

That light is used to make darkness instead of revealing all that is hidden, covered up and made secret? The Power of Pride and the Love of Greed... What corrupts and is the root of all that is Evil

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