The Messiah, the Christ, the Son of God said, to make every Man a Liar so that he alone is the Truth Teller...

Hey Mr. Christian. Use your Minds Eye, (Let thine Eye be Single and the body is full of light) and imagine what happens when a Curse is added to the Good Word...

Who does Jesus, the Christ, the Son of God tell you to Love with all your mind heart Spirit and Strength? But who does the Priest of Rome and the Preacher of Europe, tell you you must worship and praise or Else? That if you refuse you will be thrown into the Pit for Eternity by the Messiah, that is Now remade into a New God, a God of War with 3 Heads, that heretofore ever existed?

That says he will call you Fellow Servants; with the same Master. Christ your Brother, that will call you his Brothers, and Sisters? But now to be tortured for Eternity, like those that have never heard the Magic Name of a man, given to a Graven Image.

Heresy, according to the Popes and Preachers of Mammon, confusion, and God still a Mystery, that no one can understand. Even though Christ says he was sent to reveal that mystery and that any child can understand. When God is but One God of All, the Jews and the Gentiles, not the Gentiles Only.

The Creator, Independent of the Beliefs of Children. So easily deceived into believing the Rich, are Good and the poor are Broken. What does that say about the Good fruit of the Spirit, of Generosity? Giving the shirt off your back...

What then is the Spirit of Mary Christ Mass? Used to deceive the Children and teaches them that it is good to Lie and deceive others, the Spirit of the Trickster. Satan's Claws says the rich are good and the poor are naughty. All lies rather than the Truth, preaching materialism rather than the good fruit of the Spirit. The Treasures of Heaven, let your Heart be there instead.

Christ said make disciples of all the Nations, not Preachers and Priests, the exalted. And do not call each other Father, for we all are Brothers and Sisters. For we all are the children of YWHY, with but one Holy Father and he is in Heaven.

Why then did the Priest and Preachers Lie, bearing False Witness against the Messiah and Our Father...? For the Love of Money, Power and the Vanity of Pride. Refusing to become as little children, the only way one can become a member of that Family, of heaven and Earth.

The Christ, the Son sent by the Holy Father - the Father that told Jesus what to do and is the one that raised him from the dead. The Only One that knows the Time and is the one that Baptised the Messiah of the Jews, whose coming was Prophecied by King David and the Prophet Hosea.

The One that told Jesus, the Christ, to come and stand beside him till HE made the enemies of his Son into his Footstool.

It certainly does help when you Can See, Hear, Perceive, and Understand the God and Father that the Son of God, the Christ is referring to. When he says, the Greatest Commandment of All. Is to Love God, Our Father - Hallowed be that NAME and to him all the Glory.

Physician Heal thyself, are you still deaf dumb and blind? Unable to hear what Peter Simon heard? Who does the High Priest pray to?

Our Father in Heaven, the ONE that sends his Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit, that will teach you everything that the Messiah has said and will bring perfect Remembrance of it...

Who told Peter who the Messiah is? Why did "the Christ," say, upon this Rock, I will build my Church?

One God and Father of Jew and Gentiles too, the House undivided, the Flock whole. One Race and one race to run for everyone.

But what happened in 325 AD, when the Romans, the Wolves, treated the Good Word as Pearls of Wisdom given to Swine? Doing exactly the opposite of everything of the Chosen, the Jews, the Disciples, the Apostles, and their Messiah, the Christ. The First Born of many Brethren; the Sons and Daughters of YWHY, as many as the Stars in Heaven and the Sands upon the Sea.

What happens when God is the God of the Romans only and everyone else Cursed lest they bow to the New God of the Romans? The Image gave the Name of a Man, that Curses everyone to Hell, like a 3 headed Fire Breathing Dragon. If they refuse to bend their knee to its New Graven Image and that of its Mother.

The New Queen of Heaven, a Virgin after giving birth to 5 children, its a Miracle, fabricated by the Priesthood of the Romans.

This is the Corrupt Tree that Martin Luther used to try and get Good Fruit... Something the Messiah says is an impossibility. "You cannot get good fruit from a tree that is already corrupt. Must need be that you cut it all down and begin anew with good seed from the Good Word. Reaping the harvest that you have not sown.

Imagine in the Minds Eye, Why does Philip Baptise the Eunuch and Jesus is the Messiah sent by God?

You must first write the Commandments on your Hearts or you will never be able to keep them. Let the Golden Rule guide your Thoughts. Let that Yellow Brick Road guide your Path... Remember, Good is its own reward and we will reap what we sow, this life or the Next.

The Messiah said to make every Man a Liar so that he alone is the Truth Teller... What then becomes of the Curse of Anathema added by the Nicene Creed in 325 AD? And the only Unforgivable Sin of Heresy? That judgeth every child born of a Woman into this World... Rome Claiming the Curse came from the Messiah, that says, do not Curse.

With no mention of it in the Good Word of the Gospel and the New Testament. The New Wine and New Whole Cloth, that says to Love Your Enemies and forgiveness 7 X 70 as long as they repent. Ready and willing to turn the other Cheek but also giving that Correction Reproof and Strong Rebuke.

The Wise will rejoice and the Fools will argue for their own demise but every child requires discipline and that requires the Rod, the Rule of Law. That defines the straight and narrow, of what is good and Evil, good to eat and good to drink. Always after much testing. Lest you believe the lie and swallow, the blind following after the blind and both end up in the Ditch. Unable to change their Ways.

What good is it to take Comfort in the Lies? The Itching Ear that seeks after teachers of itching ears. Content in only Hearing what they want to hear. That which fits their own Biased Opinion, Prejudice, Bigotry, and World View.

Is it any wonder then that no one is in Agreement but if all agreed with the Christ, the Messiah. All would be in Agreement and be in Fellowship. Able to walk the path to that good gate, rejoicing along the Way.

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