The End of being Double Minded, believing in 2 opposing thoughts, beliefs, and opinions? The Cup full to overflowing with Hot and Cold...

Why did the Romans create a New God, one that had never been mentioned in any text nor by word? Never worshiped or praised by the priests or preachers of the Roman People. And had no Graven Image, had a virgin mortal for its Mother. With all the Priests of Rome (Virgins) claiming/giving the title of Holy Fathers to themselves; of their God, each other, and over Mankind.

Thus giving themselves that authority over all the physical and of the Spirit. Claiming they were given Supreme Authority over Kings and Queens by their NEW GOD. (325 AD)

Comparative Analysis...Critical Thought... Doubting Thomas, the only one, that dared to stick his own finger in.

Ask and ye shall receive...Knowledge... of the Truth?
Seek and ye Shall Find...The Knowledge of the Truth?
Knock and it will open...the door that leads to the Truth and the Spirit of it?

What is the goodwill of a Good God and Father, the Creator of Everyone?

Beginning with, doing what the Messiah tells you to do...
Test the ICE strong/thick enough to not break? Or is it Fear that causes the ICE to Crack and fracture?

Those that seek to control children use Fear...
Jesus, the Christ, the High Priest of his Church, his Father's House says that fear is the enmity of Love...

Faith, that you can do everything that the Good God and Father of the Jews and Gentiles too, the Prophets and the Christ, his Son. Says in the Gospel, the Good Word. "They would come and sup with you, they would make their abode with you." The Doctrine of, the Christ, anointed by the Deity, has both the Father and his Son"

One that calls you his Sister or Brother and the Other will call you Son or Daughter.

To do good, instead of Bad and Evil, prooving that the Religion is Wrong and the good word of the Messiah, corrupted. Prove the Devils by their Works.

Is War, Conquer, Famine and Death, of the Holy Spirit or the Spirit of the Comforter. What does the Messiah say the Goodwill of his God and Father is? It has to be Good to be of a Good God. The Cup cannot be both Hot and Cold even if you are God.

Truth is the only thing that sets the captive Free...

Not the Wild-Eyed beliefs (Cloaked in Fear) of the Carnal Minded, mortal Men and Women, the Temples empty of Spirit. That claim by faith in a belief and imagination, all their Sins are Forgiven and Hidden, Covered-Up, Made Secret. In the Darkness within them [Ignorance, Denial) created by the Imagined Flesh of Christ?

So, they do not reap what they Sow and they are not sinners even when sinning? Pedophiles Raping and Sodomizing little children that are told they will not go to Heaven if they Tell. They will go to hell if God sees their Sins...?

Wolves, predators, washed in the blood of the Lamb. Wearing Sheep's/Shepherd's Clothing; The Emperor Constantine's New Clothing. Satan taking on the Appearances of an Angel of Light, simply because he too called Jesus/Yahshua by Name and believes in God?

BTW, how many Children does God of the Jews have according to the Book of Job? What is a GOD, something for mortals to worship and praise?

What are Good and good works? What keeps criminally-minded, Lawless people from going to prison? Love, Obedience, and Mercy? Good Trees produce good Fruit... it is the Corrupt Tree that produces corrupt Fruit.

What does your Fig Tree produce if Christ the Good Shepherd and was hungry? People suffer from a lack of knowledge.

What is inside your Temple, Dark or Light, anybody Home? Have you entered in. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you... The Light of the Body is the Eye if thine eye is single, the Body is full of Light... the Third Eye?

The End of being Double Minded, believing in 2 opposing thoughts, beliefs, and opinions? The Cup full to overflowing with Hot and Cold...

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