Somethings have value in this life and the afterlife. What is in Your Cup?

Comparative Analysis and Critical Thinking means to Shine the Light of Truth upon whatever Word or thought your Mind is thinking.

Are you in control of your Mind? Are you controlling what your Mind is Thinking? Where do the Thoughts come from? Like the drip drip drip of a leaking faucet or is it like the tap opened up full blast? Gushing like white water rapids that leaves you feeling completely out of control.

Like the Sailboat that has lost its Rudder, the Tongue that steers the biggest of Ships? Blown about by the winds of chance or tossed about by the next incoming onslaught of the Oceans Waves?

The Messiah taught the Jews that became his Disciples then became his Apostles. That the Kingdom of Heaven was within them. Luke 17v 21-23.

The Apostles believed that Yahshua was indeed the Messiah, Prophecied by King David. Who said: "The Lord said to My Lord, come and stand beside me till I make your enemies your Footstool".

Look and Listen to Who is Talking, I dare you to take that Leap of Faith...

Compare the Version of the God and Father of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. Of Moses, King David, and the Prophet of Hosea. BTW, ask yourself why there is, disagreement between some of the Prophets and the God of the Jews? Why they do not agree on what the Will of YHWH is, concerning Burnt Offerings and Sacrifices? Jer. 7:21 Psalms 40:6 & Hosea 6:6.

666 The Mark of the Beast is the Name of a Man and a Man's Image.

What good are the sacrifices to the Victims of Sinners? What good is a Sacrifice to those that are Murdered, Stolen from, Lied about and have their Reputations and whole lives Destroyed? Those whose Marriages are Destroyed by Adulterers?

What good does it Serve the Victims to have a God die for the Sinners that have harmed and will continue to hurt them?

What is every Church on Earth filled with? Sheep or Wolves? People that believe..."Only God is Good", "God came to Die to save them... from what? Other Sinners, those that do bad and evil instead of

Those whose fruit if hung on a Fig Tree would be which fruit? That of the carnal fruit of the Flesh or of the good fruit of the Spirit?

Is it True that only God is Good? Judge Satan by his works, and fruit of his Tree. What is the Fruit, the offspring of God? Which God, the One named YHWH/YAHWEH or the GOD named Jesus? The Jesus of the Catholic Faith, the Mother Church...? Or the Jesus of the Protestant Faith, the Daughters, the Sister Churches.

That Martin Luther took from the Catholic Belief, that had existed for over a Millennia.

Jesus the Christ; that Philip said: to be Baptised to the Faith of the Disciples. We had to believe in Our Hearts and Confess with Our Lips that he is the Son of God. Brother to those he called Brothers and Sisters. Fellow Servant to Fellow Servants, Equals deserving of the Same inheritance. All with but one Master, Lord, King, God, and Father. Uniting them all as One Tribe, One Family, One Blood, and One Spirit.

And that is the perspective that Yahshua, the Christ, spent Teaching them by his own living example.

During a time of War what usually happens to the Messengers sent to deliver a Message to the Enemy Combatants? Have you watched the movie "The 300"? If you haven't, watch the trailer, spoiler alert, the messenger to the Greeks does not have a happy ending.

The Messiah is not only the Messenger but he is also the Prince, sent by the King of Kings. The Lord in the Prophecy of King David in Psalms, The Owner of the Vineyard, in the Parable of the Evil Servants.

The Christ is also a Prophet, a Seer of Visions and the Mouthpiece and Servant of the All-Mighty. A Good God, that the Messiah describes as having the Spirit of a Loving, patient, merciful, kind, empathetic Father. That the Messiah says, I do not my own will but the will of him that sent me.

Funny, that when I read what the Gospel says and obeying what the Apostles told me I must do to become a Disciple. Such as making God Our Father, not my God. Making God into the Tree of Life and a Good God, therefore the fruit had to be good or the Tree was corrupt. Believing God the Rock that all the Churches should be built upon to be the Church that Christ built according to what Peter Simion says.

The Christ the Son of God is the Cornerstone. That Keystone from which everything else in the Gospel is measured and does not move or change. The perspective of the Whole World changed.

As did the motive of those that deceive and are the deceivers in this Chess Game. "The Great Debate, like the Never-Ending Wars in Never Neverland that never end as long as Goodwill and Peace are not what motivates the Actors on the Stage.

To be or not to be is not a question answered by Prayers as if God controls what People do with Religions. Or that the people control what God is going to do when he says I will let the Whole World Be Deceived and if possible even the Elect.

To believe and Say only God is Good is a Curse upon all Humanity and on those that believe. Making not only all men their Natures Evil, that of Devils, the offspring of Satan and Unable to be Good.

To be Good Fathers, Husbands, Lovers, Parents, Sons, Brothers, Children, fellow Servants, Disciples, Followers, Doers and Be'ers. All without that Faith of the Apostles, the Disciples, the Jews, the Chosen, and all those that picked up their Crosses and followed after.

Praying, not my will but let thy goodwill be done. The Golden Rule is No Mystery and even a Fool can figure out that one. The first Brick in that Yellow Bricked Road. That is not paved with the love of Money.

Somethings have value in this life and the afterlife. What is in Your Cup?

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