No one has the right to make the Goodwill of the God YWHY, into the Curse of YWHY

As We the People Do unto other People We the People are doing Unto Ourselves, We the People Reap what We the People Are Sowing By Doing to Other People.

Who are Our Neighbors... Around the Globe?

What was the Goodwill of YHWH according to the Priests and Rabbis? OK to SIN if afterward, you give the Priests some Money to Buy a Sacrifice or provide something to be the Sacrifice...

What was the SIN...Who were the Victims... the Women and Children... the Innocent... Innocent Enemies that have broken no Law...? Who judges other People and makes them the Enemy...and their Women and Children? Justifying... Kill Steal and Destroy...

Who is the God that says Go and Kill Steal and Destroy... Women and Children? What is its Name, Does the Name Matter, or the Spirit of it... the Invisible Will?

Slap and Label on a Bottle of Spirits... Does it change the Contents? Does the Label, the Judgement have the Power to Make Good Wine into Poison?

What does the Name Jesus, given to an Image, Make the Image? What does the Name Jesus imply when given to a Bottle of Spirits? When the Bottle is full of Poison and Good Wine? What is the Power of a Name?

Can a Name... Jesus... make War Holy? A Crime into a helping hand? Torture into the Golden Rule? What happens to Kill Steal destroy when given the Name Jesus? What about Slavery by White People of Black People? Of Jews, Brown People by White People, the Germans, the Nazis, Catholic, and Christian... Protestants. WASPs

What changed in the Religion of the Jews that became the Disciples of the Messiah, the Christ, the Anointed by the Deity of the Jews... and Gentiles too. IE, One Creator, one God of ALL... ALLOF... ALOHA... ALL... AH... AYE...

Do not Kill... becomes Kill all that refuse to bend their Knee to the Supreme Authority...

Do not Worship and Praise Graven Images... Anything made by the Hands of Man... is not God... is not Holy...

Who changed the Commandments... the Goodwill of God... Into Kill all Heathens, Heretics, and Infidels?

Are you Deaf and Dumb as well as Blind? Need Healing or Cursing... You are going to Hell, reap what6 you sow... Sinful.. by being Sinful, instead of Sinning less by doing Good more...

"My will is that you Love one another" -YHWH/YWHY

"What is the goodwill of the God of ALL... the Creator Deity of Everything... When God sprang into existence... That is how this Story grows... The Big Bang... Let there be light and there was... in the Midst of Darkness...

A God that destroys all mankind for being Evil changed into the God that only creates Evil by proclaiming, Only it, he, is Good. God gave the Nature of Man, that of Devils, their Nature Evil, Unable to do Good, unable to Love.

The Good Fruit made Evil... (the Faith)...unable to be like the Good Tree? The Servant Unable to do the Goodwill of the God of All, Our Father...? What is Nature, of Mankind... the Spirit of all MANKIND according to the Messiah and of the Apostles?

The Jews the Chosen, the First to FOLLOW, the good, the example (Spirit) of him. The Disciples, the first to follow the good example and teachings o the Apostles... Love one Another, follow the Golden Rua

According to its Moputhpieces, the Priests of the Vatican

No One Has the Right to change Adam and Eve into Adam and Steve. No one has the right to make the Goodwill of the God YWHY, into the Curse of YWHY.

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According to the Bible, Will animals and pets go to heaven? (Part 4 of 4)

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