Jesus, the Christ, the Prince of Peace. The One, that has a Lord and a King, a Good Father

Jesus, the Christ; meaning anointed by the Deity of Jews and Gentiles/the God of All-of ie, the Creator. The one that says, "he will call Mankind his Sisters and Brothers".

Those that do the goodwill of his God and Father; the Lord and King of the Man that the Deity of Judaism calls his Son, just as he does the Apostles. And was told by his/Our Father. To come and stand at his right hand. Fulfilling the prophecy of the Prophets os the JwewawslOld Testament, the Old Wineskin, and the Old Cloth.

Jesus, the Christ, the Prince of Peace. The One, that has a Lord and a King, a Good Father. The one that said that Love is of God and God is Love. The One, that said, love your enemies. And that the Hol;y Spirit of Our Father, would teach you everything that the Messiah says and bring perfect remembrance of it.

Well, it's been almost 2 Millenia and God is still preached as a Mystery. And how, in the Name of Jesus and his love of the God and Father of ALL.

Wakan Tanka, the Name of God, given to the Tribe of the Lakota. That also taught the Children and the Young Adults, as soon as a child of God reaches Puberty and no longer the same as a child, that God is Our Father and we are all its Children.

A Belief that helped unite the once divided 6 Nations of America. ALL Brothers and Sisters, told to love one another and make Peace not War.

Something lost in translation and misinterpretation on the Romans and their Priesthood. They used the Religion of the Messiah of Jesus, according to the wisdom of the wise and the knowledge of Greek. Taking the Gospel, the New Wine and adding it into the Old Testament, the Old Wine Skin and Old Cloth.

And every time getting a different Vintage and Spirit, the Interpretation of the Gospels.

Best to leave well enough alone. And that Old Wineshin is already finished; the Old Wineskin full. The Old Cloth is worn and will Tear.

The New Wine, the Best Wine was saved for Last. The Good Word preached to the Poor. The Will of God given in the Living example of the Best Man at the Feast.

Not the Dead Man, nailed to a cross by his hands and his feet. The Shedding of blood fulfills only that Old Pagan Law and the Old Gods Baal, that wants the Blood of Virgins according to the Pagan Priesthood. For they get the reward of it as they always do. Motivated by the Love of Power and Money. Wanting the Best Seat at the Table and the Best Wine for their Meals.

Carnal Men claiming all their Sins forgiven, no matter what they do. The Perfect example of Satan forgiving Devils no matter what they do and then giving them more excuses too. God made your Nature Evil so you are unable to do good works, for only God is Good...?

Is that True, children born into this world are unable to do good, unable to Love. Unable to get along with the Neighbors? Unable to write the Commandments on their Hearts and Follow the Golden Rule with their Heads? The Yoke easy and burden Light?

Preferring that Old Law, the Dog returning to its own Vomit? Shed Blood, fulfills 1 Law that does not save the Victims, the Women and Children. And would forgive the Rich Elite of everything they do. The Lawless become the Lawmaker, Judges, and Enforcers...

IE a corrupt Government, because the People leading it and driving the BUS are Corrupt. They want to torture Murder Kill Steal and Destroy. The Love of Money and Power, both evil and corrupt.

They Love the 4 Horsemen and derive their power from the God of them.

A Graven Image they call Jesus and loosely connect to the Jews and the Messiah, to give it legitimacy. Then they make the Dead Man, an Image of a Blonde Headed Blue-eyed Jew, do and say whatever they want it to. Counting on your ignorance and love of Praying/Saying.

Doing Nothing to stop the Storm... nor being Peacemakers

What happened to follow the Messiah in every way, the only way to reach that Good Gate? Only the Son can reveal the Father, like Son like Father. Your Father and Brother would Visit. Both would abide with you.

Time for the Harvest...

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