How is the Gospel, the Good Word, changed when added to the Old Testament and used as a Patch for the Old?

What kind of Spirit/Nature does the God of Israel, Abraham, Issac, Jacob, and Moses have? According to the Prophets, the Catholics, the Protestants, pick a Denomination, or your own Interpretation? Are you Studied and Well-Read?

How deep can you dive, How Deep is the Well?

Critical Thinking &Comparative Analysis is the path, for those that Obey and Do as they are Commanded by their Master doing and not doing everything according to what the Messiah tells them to do as a Fellow Servant and not doing according to what is good and the Truth discerning the Spirit of it.

Study to "Show" yourselves approved? By who? Who is the Good Shepherd of the Flock that rode upon the Ass? But Who is the Owner of the Flock and the Master of the Good Shepherd? Who called himself a fellow Servant and called the Apostles his Brothers and Sisters? Who called them his Sons and Daughters and said they were as many as the Stars in Heaven and the Sands upon the Sea? Who called the Good Shepherd his High Priest in the order of Melchezidic?

Who did the High Priest say that the Temple belonged to, that the Money-Lenders had turned into a Den of Thieves?

Is the Good Shepherd the Liar and the Priests of Rome, the Enemies of Both the Jews and their Deity, the Truth-Tellers? How Long were the Priests of Rome Worshipers and Praisers of the Deity of the Jews and not the Deities of Rome? The One God of All Creation, YHWH/YWHY, that says in his Commandments, that he is a Jealous God and will have no Gods before him?

Whom did the Good Shepherd Love, with all his heart, mind, spirit, and Strength? Whose Spirit did the Holy Spirit Baptize?

What does the Good Word say about a Good God and the good fruit of a Good Tree to be Good? What does the good word say concerning the preaching of different Gods that were not given previously, those that preach of New Gods...?

Who judges and gives their Interpretation of the God of the Jews according to the Wisdom of the Wise and the Knowledge of Greek? Saying, that if Man is made in the Image of God and Man is 3 then so must be God...?

What is the difference between the Spirit/Nature of the Deity of the Tanak, the Old Testament, the God of the Prophets? And the Spirit/Nature of the God of the Christ, the Messiah, of that Good Shepherd that says, "For he so loves this world that he sent his Son so that through him the world might be saved"?The God and Father, that the Son of Man, the Son of God says that he is the Mirror Image of him.

What is the Mirror Image of an Invisible Spirit, if 2 standing side by side and one of them is Good and the other Evil? What is the difference between the Old Wineskin and the New Wine, that was saved for last?

What happens to the Old Wine and the New Wine if we mix them together? Both have lost their savor. What would it mean to say that the Old Testament is FULL and no more can be added to it? What would it mean to say that the Old Testament is that Old Cloth and that to add to it would cause it to rend and tear?

What would it mean if the Gospel, the Good Word, is the New Wine/Spirit that was saved for last and the New Cloth, made Whole? How is the Gospel, the Good Word, changed when added to the Old Testament and used as a Patch for the Old?

What is the Spirit of the God and Father of the Messiah, the Christ and the Goodwill of the Deity of Jews, Gentiles, and the Messiah; the Creator, the Master, the owner of the Flock and the Vineyard? According to "His Christ" that called him Son, fulfilling the Tanak's prophecy and given in his own living example?

The Deity said he would let the whole world be deceived, so how was it? Who has been deceived and who are the remnant few of the elect, in the minority? How does Revelation say that you can recognize them that did obey and did what the Messiah says?

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