By changing the Truth into a lie, that only takes the adding and taking away one word

Jesus, not the God of the Trinity, 3 in 1. Three Gods on the Shoulders of 1. Three Masters to Obey or 3 Masters that enslave?

Three Masters to choose from and none of them the Christ, fellow Servant, Brother to Sisters and Brothers, fellow Servants with the same Master that is only 1.

The Son of Man and the Son of God, the Good Shepherd that leads his flock to and through that good gate to greener pastures and the still waters...

The High Priest in the Order of Melchizedek, that worships and praises the God named from the beginning, YHWH. YAHWEH, the Deity of the Prophets, Abraham and Moses. The God and Father of the Jews before Abraham was I AM.

The Christ says, Hear O Israel, OUR LORD is ONE. The Christ says I go to your God and mine, I go to your Father and mine. The Christ says, Upon this Rock, I will build my Church, for no man told you who I am but My Father that is no Man.

What then is the Rock and upon what is the Church that Christ Builds founded upon? What is the Keystone of his Church? What is the First Cornerstone from which the whole Foundation and the Church, length, width, and height are based and measured?

All things are taken from that 1 Cornerstone, the principle, and precept. Such as is the Constitution and the Rule of Law of the US are taken. The Rod of Order such that Yoke easy and burden light that tames the wild beast into the good servant.

That does good works, the very definition of what the word Good means. And the fig tree that brings forth good fruit, most abundantly all the better for everyone.

But what goes into the Church today, that is not built upon that Rock and with that cornerstone missing or stolen. And if stolen then who the thief?

Jesus the Christ, the Son of Man that the God YWHY calls his Son and his Christ. The Father in the Parable of the "Evil Servants of the Vineyard" says, You have killed my Son and I will reclaim what is mine.

Jesus the Christ, that commits Heresy by proclaiming he is a Son of God and God his Father... A Prophet also and not only the mouthpiece, that through him Our Father, the Good Lord of Lords and King of Kings and King of the Prince of Peace, speaks.

The Christ, as Seer of Visions and Dreamer of Dreams, tells the story of those that travel to the ends of the earth to save a man's soul but cause that man to become twice the Son of Satan. For not only would they hinder anyone that would enter in they themselves refuse to enter in...

Which religion does this, yesterday and today? Which Religion refers to the House of their God and its altar as Feminine? Which religion says you must attend to be of God, contrary to the good word of the Messiah? Which religion calls each other Father, again contrary to the Messiah?

Which religion forbids Marriage against the Pearls of Wisdom of the Messiah? A decision that leads to exactly what the Messiah predicts, they turn to their own in their lusts.

Which religion is plagued by the Holy doing Unholy acts and the unspeakable? That they claim is Hidden, made secret, covered up and God made blind by their beliefs. Sees them Perfect and not the truth, what they do in the darkness hidden by the light of Christ.

To the Children, the least among men, they show no mercy, compassion, nor empathy. For their pain and suffering that they cause them, better a millstone hung about the neck? Yet they claim by their faith, all their sins are forgiven?

Good made Evil and Evil made good, by the Tares that were added to the wheat. By the Enemies of the Son of God, that came in the Night. That preach the Fear of Satan, the greatest of Enemies, instead of love your enemies and your friends equally...

By changing the Truth into a lie, that only takes the adding and taking away one word. Like one drop of poison added to good wine. The Christ gives warning about what would happen and it did. the prophecy of the Messiah has been fulfilled and it is written down in the Gospel. but for only those that have eyes to see and ears to hear is it revealed.

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