Adding Poison to the New Wine, what was given to save the world became its Curse

The Blind follow the Blind Blindly and both fall into the ditch to the Left and the Right. Rather than the straight and narrow the "Way" that leads to that Good Gate. What leads to the Knowledge of the Truth and the Spirit of it?

Better not to believe than to believe in a Lie and be Deceived. Then once deceived become the deceiver, as little children are forced to lie to their peers to be praised by the Adults to who they fear.

Authority ie Power corrupts and Absolute Authority/Power corrupts Absolutely. Be it Politics or Religion especially when the People are not allowed to question from whence that Authority and Power resides.

Better to serve in Heaven on Earth than to Rule in Hell. So be careful what you wish/pray for and believe. For as ye believe so shall ye be and as ye be so shall you do be it good or evil.

Believe ye that Only God is Good... And that God died to save all the Lawless Criminals that do Bad and Evil works to Women and Children, with Forgiveness Only. For thieves, murderers, adulterers, rapists, sodomizers of women and children?

Remember all Sin is Equal and God will not be mocked, you will reap what you sow. So if you forgive one Sin then you turn a blind eye, a deaf ear, and dumb tongue to all the women and children that are the victims of those Reprobate in the Faith!

Those that refuse to Repent and like Saul become Paul by strong rebuke reproof and correction. Would return to being Saul, the Dog returning to its own vomit and the shedding of blood for the Forgiveness of Sins.

As if the Shedding of the blood of a Child would save those from the Wrath of God and his Judgment. They that Hurt and Harm the Little ones, the least among Men. Better a Milestone hung about the neck and thrown into the Deepest of Oceans.

Where is thy advocacy and Protest against those within the Churches committing such atrocities against the Women and Children? Is only God Good and able to follow the Golden Rule? Is that the message to the Jews, the Apostles that the Christ did choose? To be the first chosen of the many, both Jews and Gentiles, "Make Disciples of All the Nations".

By the Prince of Peace and his King of Kings, the Lord of Lords. The one that the Son of God did pray to in the lord's prayer to our Lord. The one that says, "Anyone on the Face of the Earth, that Will do My Will and Love one another, I will call my Son or Daughter".

Who cannot write the Commandments on their hearts and keep them? Who among you cannot obey the Law, making themselves into Criminals, the Lawless Reprobate in the Faith? Who among you cannot Follow the Golden Rule and pick up their own Cross? Keep Is Simple Stupid, any child can understand (Holy KISS) and is no Mystery.

Instead of Worshiping and praising a Graven "Image gave the name of a Man" by the Priests of Rome in 325 AD. That made the Christ into their New God of Rome (Only), the Prince of Peace into the God of War, Conquer, Famine and Death. And added the Curse of Anathema to the Good Word.

Adding Poison to the New Wine, what was given to save the world became its Curse. Just as the Messiah gave in Parable and Prophecied would happen to the Church and the World of Mammon.

What did Jesus, the Christ say concerning his Mother and Father? Since when are Virgins become Mothers and Fathers, but the people believe dumbfounded. Too afraid to question and think rationally, overcome with Fear. The Cup full, runneth over, quickly turns to anger and rage. Love replaced by hatred of the greatest of Enemies.

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