Abortion... IE, Liberty VS the Freedom of Religion. Or Liberty and the Freedom of Religion from the Government

Abortion... IE, Liberty VS the Freedom of Religion. Or Liberty and the Freedom of Religion from the Government.

The Government shall not force, promote nor restrict any Religion. In other words, the State, Local, and Federal Governments of WE THE PEOPLE; shall take a hands-off approach to Religion.

Life, Liberty, (Prosperity), and the Pursuit of Happiness; are the 3 (4) pillars of the Constitution. Promote the General Welfare, not create a Welfare State with the People dependent upon the Government for their Income. IE, Robbing from the Haves to give to the Have Nots.

Abortion with Liberty and removing the Bias, Bigotry, and Prejudice inherent within all religious viewpoints, beliefs, opinions, and perspectives. Remember the Representatives of We the People shall not restrict nor promote any Religion.

The USA/America does not belong to the Church of England/Europe, the Daughters/Sister Churches nor the Church of Rome, the Mother Church. The Sources of the Trinity and a Triune God, 3 Masters on the Shoulder of One.

Instead of, One Master of the Good Servant, 1 Head on the Shoulder of one Body, 1 Owner of the Flock and the Vineyard, 1 Father of all Fathers, 1 King of all Kings, 1 Lord of all Lords, 1 God of all the Children of God and Man, 1 Creator, 1 Divine Spirit,1 Great Spirit, 1 Deity of Yews and Gentiles, 1 Sender that sent both John the Baptist and the Messiah as well as all the Prophets, and the One that Judges.

The One, YHWH the Deity, that Loved this World...and Loved us First before sending his Son... per the Parable of the "Evil Servants of the Vineyard, that Kill his Son so claim/steal his Inheritance. The One that calls the Messiah his Son, 3 times in the Gospel, giving his own Witness to his Relationship to the Messiah and all Mankind.

The One, YWHY the Deity, that whispers and tells Peter Simon what to say when Jesus/Yahshua, the Christ, asks him who does he Say Jesus is... Peter Simon says, "Jesus/Yahshua is the Christ, the Son of the Living God".

The same thing that Philip tells the Eunuch, he must believe in his Heart and Confess with his Lips, "That Jesus/Yahshua is the Christ the Son of the Living God.

The exact opposite of what the Priests of Rome claim and what and whom they CURSE with the Nicene Creed. "Anyone that denies that Jesus is the Deity/the Deity of Jesus/Yahshua, Let them be ANATHEMA/CURSED. The Source of the Trinity/Triune Deity, THE TRIDENT, 3 Masters, and the source of the Confusion and the Curse of Heresy ie, the Only Unforgivable Sin.

That leads to CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY IE THE CHOSEN - THE JEWS. The Inquisition; civil asset forfeiture, Imprisonment, Torture, Burned Alive at the Stake, Death. Kill Steal Destroy - the Crusades, the Witch Hunts, Slavery, the Holocaust. Bias, Prejudice, and Bigotry; Bearing False Witness, Judging Others. the Dark Ages.

The Opposite of the Freedom of Religion, and the Golden Rule, the Commandments, the Rule of Law, and the Rod of Order. The Opposite of Grace by Faith Only.

Parents that raise up spoiled rotten children. By forgiving Children of every sin/crime, no matter what they do to the other children in the Sandbox! And it justified by the beliefs in a religion that Curses all of Mankind and that claim their God is Good but only creates Evil. Turning all Men into Devils, their Nature evil, unable to do good.

"As you are told to believe so shall you be", because that is your Faith, not that you can do good; for that is the goodwill of God and you are made in that good image, the good fruit of the good Tree. That is the Commandments, to do Good instead of Evil... IE Repent of your Evil ways by changing what is evil into Good.

One Christ, One Messiah, One High Priest, One Good Shepherd of One Flock, Ran the same Race, has the same Master, serves the same Master of the Owner of the Flock. Has the Father that sent the Son, the Owner of the Vineyard. the one that calls Disciples, that do the Goodwill of a Good God and Father, his Sisters and Brothers.

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