My Entry To The Doodletrends Drawing Contest: Miner Ant

Hello Steemians and Doodletrends enthusiasts,

This is my participation to the Doodletrends Drawing Contest : 65
The theme: Miner Ant Charcter
Thank you to @steempampanga for this fun and engaging initiative.
doodletrends london65 ant.jpg
This doodle is made in 08 minutes. I drew an ant looking at his crypto mining rig. I am not a crypto mining enthusiast although I have heard and read a little about the thing. I know the details on my drawing may not be accurate but as far as I can recall, the miners are arranged this way and the temperature is kept to a minimum to avoid overheating. Look at how elated the miner ant is upon checking his set up it means more crypto more money more honey. I must admit that I did not expect I could draw something like this considering that I do not have an actual reference photo. It was fun and fulfilling experience. I hope you like it and you enjoyed reading my post. If you would like to participate, go ahead as this contest is inclusive of all levels of artistic skills and talent. Why not give it a try.

Have fun and enjoy.

london65 doodle banner.jpg

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Interesting mining rig

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23.07.2019 19:44

That's an awesome depiction of the task

23.07.2019 20:01