My Entry To The Doodletrends Drawing Contest: App Developer Spider

Hello Steemians and Doodletrends enthusiasts,

This is my participation to the Doodletrends Drawing Contest : 68
The theme: App Developer Spider
Thank you to @steempampanga for coming up with this initiative.
spider doodle.jpg
This doodle is made in 01 minute. I designed a new character base on the brief which is an app developer and it should be a spider. I immediately drew a hot cup of coffee and a computer. I think a spider walking on top of the device would be cool and interesting to look at. Yes I finished the art in a minute and unlike the previous entries I think this one looks better and sends out a complete thought. The spider is holding several things with its many legs that is my idea of presenting the busy idea which I think someone like an app developer is. The best part of my art is the Eureka moment. What a relief to read that because this spider has been working hard and long enough to create his app. :)

Hope you enjoyed reading my post. If you would like to participate, go ahead as this contest is inclusive of all levels of artistic skills and talent. Why not give it a try.

Have fun and enjoy.

london65 doodle banner.jpg

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