My Entry To The Doodletrends Drawing Contest: 62 Fierce Succulent

Hello Steemians and Doodletrends enthusiasts,
pikat succulent.jpg
This is my participation to the Doodletrends Drawing Contest : 62
The theme: Fierce Succulent
Thank you to @steempampanga for providing us with this kind of initiative here on Steemit.

This doodle is made in 2 minutes. I drew a cactus that looks like a big bulb of onion. I drew this character from my childhood memory. Growing up I used to seeing this kind of cactus growing in our garden. It was prickly and I would not dare touch it and that made this kind fierce in my opinion. Look at how savage those eyes and teeth are. I gave him a blossom on top which is embeded with some magic pollens protecting him against attackers. I am happy as I had accomplished this entry in less than 5 minutes and that feels so great. This theme I anticipated to be difficult but when you have the right inspiration half of the work is already done and in my case as I had mentioned, I used my childhood memory of an old cactus pot.

Hope you enjoyed reading my post. If you would like to participate, go ahead as this contest is inclusive of all levels of artistic skills and talent. Why not give it a try.

Have fun and enjoy.

london65 doodle banner.jpg

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Love your banner. Your entry is indeed Fierce

18.07.2019 15:11

I imagine this cactus saying, "You should have watered me less!"

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18.07.2019 15:40

It looks and sounds like it would be a miniboss from an RPG style game! Very cool drawing.

19.07.2019 17:18

It looks like a character from a video game. Cool and fierce

20.07.2019 08:24