Inktober 2019 Day 01 : Ring

It is October once again, and you know creative people what that means. Time to flex those creative minds and muscles and start doing the Inktober challenge. Before I start with my participation let me provide you the rules to this challenge so that you too can join

Inktober rules:

1) Make a drawing in ink (you can do a pencil under-drawing if you want).

2) Post it

3) Hashtag it with #inktober and #inktober2019

4) Repeat

The more and consistent you do it the better you become each day with your drawing skills. So what are you waiting for? Grab your pencil, pen and paper and start drawing according to the provided prompts below.

I am late and trying to catch up with the previous prompts that I missed. To start, that will be Ring
inktober ring.jpg
This is a drawing of a mouse which is running on top of wheel made out of cheese. Kind of reminds me of that hamster or mouse continuously running on wheel.

Here is how I did it

First, I drew the image with a pencil then inked it using a black ball point pen. I used white bond paper
inktober ring 1.jpg
There are a few ideas running on my mind while I was thinking about the prompt, ring. Could be a phone ringing but I went for something that is more literal like a shape of a ring. A cheese ring to be exact. To make it cute and funny I put a mouse on top running endlessly. I guess it worked. Kind of different take on the theme.
inktober ring 2.jpg

Hope you guys like my drawing. See you again next time. Steem on.

This inktober 2019 prompt and the idea is from

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