My Friend @jb123 Visits Me Today - Thank You Very Much


As I've shared this past few days, I have encountered some health issues but I thank God for I am now fully recovered and ready to do all my tasks and duties here on the Steemit platform. What I want to share with you now is the moment when my friend @jb123 visited me today as he wants to know personally my current condition.


Actually, I am very surprised by the time I heard him calling my name outside for I didn't expect that he came to my house today. Maybe he messages me on messenger but I never noticed and read it. I am also pleased knowing that I have a friend who cared for me even though we didn't see each other every day because of the pandemic we've currently experienced.

The only topic we talk about every time he visits me at my home is all about Crypto and Blogging platforms that we have entered right now, and even all the achievements we have so far in our Crypto journey.

He even saw my new Motorcycle for the first time and he said to me that, he gets inspired by what I've achieved because of my dedication and passion for what I am doing. I told him also to be consistent and never lose hope and lastly, we should always put our trust in the Lord and He will make a way to get all that we longed for. We should not limit ourselves and stay humble for I do believe that God will raise us, as His word said in James 4:6.

All Thanks and Praise be to God. 😇🙏☝

Many thanks to @steemitblog, @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02, @steemcurator08, and to all of Team Steemit for making this challenge even better, and may you continue./center>

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Thats what friends are for Kuya. 🤗 Always cared for each other even in a simpliest way.

16.06.2021 14:50

Thank you again...

16.06.2021 14:51