Waste and Ruin

Greetings Dsound!

It has been a while. Life sometimes gets in the way of this kinda stuff when you have kids and they have issues, but I digress. This tune is one myself and @davidfar did while back as a collaboration and I think it turned out pretty damned good. Davood did all the music and I wrote and sang the lyrics. Be sure to check him and his extensive discography out!


There a crack of thunder and lightning from the sky
As hell arose beneath my feet
In the helter skelter following at my feet
A black rider comes from deep beneath

Bow down before the waste and ruin!
Live fast and die young before I come for you!

Look into the mirror, see what you've all become
Slaves without a destiny
Begging for crumbs of men, bereft of the spirit to succeed
I come for you now in your hour of need

Crumble before me, your lord!

Comments 3

That is a killer song 💀
Frank your vocals on this are wicked good 🤘

18.12.2019 03:49

Thanks bro!
Hope things are well for you <3

19.12.2019 20:56

Things are good my friend. Just busy as always.
Ima gonna call you soon to catch up. Hope things are good where you are

21.12.2019 05:16