Achievement3 Task: Content Etiquette @lizzyd

Imagine a scenerio where you took out time, energy and resources to navigate your intellectual capacity to good use. It feels good and gives a sense of satisfaction, only for your hope to be short lived at the last minute when you realize your hard-earned research has been stolen by someone else!!! How do you feel? Angry, terrible, sad etc. That bring us to the vital topic" Plagiarism".
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Plagiarism can be seen as to steal someone else's hard work, idea without proper acknowledgement or due recognition given. The act of theft is not limited to just properties or valuables but also literal theft of claiming other people's Intellectual work and which is highly punishable in the steemit platform.



It is essential to checkmate the right to use images or words before using them. Each image has a link, ensure you add it; that way it looks professional and also gives credit to the original owner.


The use of quotation marks helps to prove the authenticity of the borrowed text in your article. It is a simple yet, vital measure to avoid plagiarism.


It is possible to paraphrase a statement given from the original content. This means explaining a given point in a personal view, this helps to prove clarity in the article.


The fact still remains, every single individual has a unique trait embedded in them. Especially when it comes to writing, there are no specific rules to achieving a creative write up , as long as it remains in the borders of description given.

In conclusion, it is advisable to present original content and to include citations where necessary, that way, plagiarism is totally destroyed.

"I have read and understood the steemit etiquette on steemit community and will do my best to embrace them".

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