Going Backwards Again

Here in South Africa, we are once again having load shedding with our electricity and I think everyone feels as I do which is complete frustration.
Eskom - our power utility, is so far in debt, no maintenance has been done since the ANC government came into power, we are fed all sorts of excuses via the media - but the truth is they are scrambling around like rats in a sewer.

Businesses are battling to keep going and many have had to close their doors.
Trying to live a normal life becomes stressful having to work around when you will or won't have electricity and to try and protect your freezers and fridges and other appliances from being damaged by power surges.
Traffic lights out and this causes huge mess ups because it seems no one knows how to use a four way stops any more.
One must remember to charge phones, laptops etc., - and yet our president goes overseas to encourage foreign investment into the country - I mean who would want to invest when things are on the brink of collapse!

Well, the good news is that we are at present better off than Zimbabwe who have load shedding for sixteen hours every day!
Welcome to Africa.

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Here in the US it's often hard to remember that other countries have entirely different ways of life and things they deal with. It's hard to image load shedding here....

19.10.2019 23:50

You are lucky as it is not pleasant at all.

21.10.2019 05:41