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Wednesday Walk Challenge - Durban Botanic Gardens

The city fathers are hard at work together with NGO's to revive the inner city of Durban which has become a temporary home for refugees from across the South African borders.

Sadly many of them have turned to drugs to dull the agony of homelessness and the drug lords and pimps of course encourage this habit. There are certain parts of the city whereany willll not venture into; much like many other cities across the wod!

Worldld class tourist atactions are just a c couple ominutes away from allll of this; with Ushaka Marine World being the mo popular; all Lily's Cottage holiday guests make that their first stop. woululd however like to take you on a walk through a tranquil haven just a stone's throw away from the busy city centre.

The fifteen hectares Durban Botanic Gardens was first established in 1849, making it one of Africa's oldest surviving botanic gardens and also one of the oldest institutions being managed by the Ethekwini Municipality.

Plant conservation and plant-based education being at the top of their agenda, this is very popular with scholar of all ages; from school level through to university students, amateurs and professionals alike.
Music at the Lake concerts are held here regularly; it also is a popular photo shoot venue. Perfect for leisurely picnics as well, being blissfully cool under the massive trees; a great escape from the intense heat and humidity of the beaches during the months of January and February especially when Durban is at its hottest!

This is an oasis for many species of birds as well.

We did nosee them, but apppparently Pink-backed Pelicans established the southern-most recorded breeding colony right here at Botan Gardens a couple of years ago.gyptitian Geese are very tame and came along begging for food that we bought at the park's Visitor's Centre.

Weird and wonderful plants and trees have been nurtured for many years with some heritage trees being over a hundred years old!
I did not get to that section of the park during this walk so did not see the old Jacaranda Tree that was planted in 1885, neither the old Lychee tree; both forming part of the stately centenary collection.

The impressive Cannonball Tree was fortunately bearing its fruit when we visited - the fruit is spherical with a woody shell and a diameter of up to 25 centimeters, therefore the name. They were massive and really looked as threatening as cannons!

A closer view of the cannons; I'm sure if one of those hits one you would know all about it!

Yet another giant, an 81 year old Ficus Annulata boasting an enormous trunk with a couple of gigantic off-shoots.
)This park has a rge collection of Bromeliads, Cycads, Orchids and Palms, with the Or Orchid garden a leal little paradise. Orchid House comprises over 8000 plants in more than 75 natural and man made genera grown in a large shade house.

What is it about the sound of water trickling that has such a calming affect?

Nothing better than a cup of freshly brewed gourmet coffee and a muffin to end off our walk through the Durban Botanic Gardens.

This has been my contribution to @tattoodjay's #wednesdaywalk, hope you enjoyed walking through the tranquil Durban Botanic Gardens with me!

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