Steemit Fruits & Veggies Monday - Legumes & Beans to the Rescue: Cauli Lentil Curry

Having my head in the clouds many a day has taught me one thing, and that is how to throw together a meal in next to no time.
Gardening, blogging, day-dreaming, reading, re-decorating, day-dreaming, all are things I really love; but I tend to lose track of the time and before I know it, supper has to be served in like half an hour's time!
Keeping the pantry stocked up with cans of beans and legumes has saved the day many a time!


SO... I really am not a fan of cans as I much prefer using fresh ingredients and cooking my own lentils and beans from scratch, but a gal has to have a plan B and that's where these handy little cans come in to play!

Personally, I prefer spicing up my beans, and living in Durban where we have the largest population of people from Indian descent in sub-Saharan Africa, one finds the best spice shops everywhere. I took the following photos on my last visit to the Spice Emporium, a family business that's been around for over eighty years in our city.
The scent of heady spices greets you as you enter this specialty spice shop.
Beans and legumes of all kinds are to be found here, are fresher and of a much better quality than the ones found on the supermarket shelves.



Most of my Steemit friends know by now that hubby and I run our little bnb Lily's Cottage which is keeping us real busy throughout the year.
We currently have a retired German gentleman staying with us, who is here to provide senior expertise services to an organisation that takes care of physically and mentally challenged adults.

I don't know what I would have done if it were not for @lenasveganliving's weekly Fruits and Veggies Challenge which has been making me rack my brain trying to think of new stuff to cook and bake each week, as this guest prefers eating plant-based foods, although I must add he is not strictly Vegan.

He really enjoys beans of all kinds and the spicier, the better, much to my surprise...and delight, as that is what I really enjoy cooking, and eating of course!

A few basic facts about beans and legumes - they are a great source of protein and a much kinder protein for our planet I would say! They are an excellent source of dietary fiber, protein, vitamin B's as well as other vitamins and minerals.
It has many health benefits such as reducing blood sugar, improving cholesterol levels and helping maintain a healthy gut.

Chef line break.png
So on this Monday, my Fruits and Veggies friends, I would like to share with you some variations on the theme;)

A delicious Bean Breyani made with a couple of cans of Beans - Sugar Beans, Butter Beans and Chickpeas and of course Lentils that I shared here a while back - spicy bean curry layered with a rice and lentils mix.

Beans breyani.jpg

A Broad Bean Curry served with a tangy Carrot Salad in a Roti (Indian Flat Bread).

Broad Bean Roti Rolls - sure to fill that hungry spot!

A Three Bean Curry - Red Kidney Beans, Butter Beans & Black Eyed Beans, using a mild Cape Malay spice, delicious comfort food served with Basmati Rice or Rotis.


A darker Bean, Lentil & Chickpea Curry made with stronger spices and again served with our favourite Rotis.



All these curries are made in the same way -

  • Diced Onions & Crushed Garlic & Jeera (Fennel) Seeds sauteed in a little oil
  • Diced Tomatoes & grated fresh root Ginger added
  • Spices & salt added - Masala, Coriander Powder, Garum Masala, Turmeric, Cinnamon stick, Curry leaves

Time to open up a couple of cans of beans or legumes and you have an almost instant comforting and warming meal served with rice or roti.

Here in Durban we would sometimes serve a curry in a hollowed out half or quarter loaf of bread and call it a Bunny Chow.I'm not sure how the name originated but I assure you there's no bunny in any off these!

There hwever have been many debates on how the Bunny Chow originated.

One legend is that the Bunny Chows originated when migrant Indian sugarcane workers needed a container to carry their lunch to the sugar plantations. A hollowed out half loaf of bread was ideal to hold the vegetarian curries and the cut-out piece became the lid.

Image source

Back to today's menu - spicy Cauli Lentil Curry, using the same starter base as above but adding Cauliflower florets together with the tomatoes, a can of Lentils and a handful of frozen Peas and letting it simmer on a low heat till the cauliflower is cooked but still firm; and lastly garnishing the dish with Dhania (Cilantro).
Served with fluffy Basmati Rice as well as a Minty Cucumber & Vegan yogurt salad, this was a delicious meal bursting with flavour!




FAVM divider.png

A huge shout out to @lenasveganliving, @plantstoplanks and @vegansofsteemit for the prizes, much appreciated by all of us!
Not forgetting a big thank you to the wonderfully talented artist @barbara-orenya, the creator of our lovely Wonkies, as well as those angels disguised as Curators who brighten up our Mondays!
You are all amazing!

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27.01.2020 19:58

I looooove curry @lizelle! These are amazing recipes, I'll take one of each! :) You are a master with the spices. I would love to visit this spice shop, I would leave with way too many spices, lol Beautiful post

28.01.2020 00:56

I always buy way too many things when I go to that shop, they have too many temptations there! Always nice seeing you my friend, thanks for popping in:)

28.01.2020 05:37

Looks like todays' lunch hehehe - thank you for the inspiration

28.01.2020 01:25

These photos make me hungry and it's too late for a lentil cauli curry now ;0) I love that you cook the lentils from scratch - they are way more tastier. I am hooked on the red split lentil cauliflower curry. As for the spices, I am lucky there are so many Indian and Sri Lankans stores in my city.

28.01.2020 02:59

Definitely better cooked from scratch, glad you also have access to good spices, thanks for stopping by @lymepoet!

28.01.2020 05:39

Oh wow I don't know how you do it even with the cans haha. Running the cottage and making a beautiful post with all of the things I want but can't have here in Bali.
The beans here are hard to find and the cans are a fortune. Lentils and pulses are either non exsistent or super expensive.

Your dishes and photos were very exciting for me thank you!

28.01.2020 06:53

We are very blessed having access to such a variety of food supplies. Only saw now that my response to your lovely comment was never completed, thanks Carolyn :)

01.02.2020 19:57

Almost lunch time and you have me hungry again, knees go weak at the thought of a good bean bunny chow for lunch (under the air-conditioner of course), hot and tasty.

Since reading here I have introduced many more beans and lentils into daily cooking, always finding fresh ideas thanks Lizelle.


28.01.2020 09:28

It's just so convenient not so, thanks for the tip;)

28.01.2020 09:40
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28.01.2020 09:29

@tipu curate

28.01.2020 16:49
28.01.2020 16:50

Thank you so much 😊

28.01.2020 16:50

Thank you so much Lena:)

28.01.2020 17:40

We have so much in common and you are so right about canned beans Lizelle. They do save the day every time, lol. Besides you are real magician when comes to cooking and those spices are magical, lol. What a perfect combination to turn a can of beans into a five star meal. Your German guest is a lucky man 😊


28.01.2020 18:32

You're too kind Lena, it's those spices that do the trick:)

31.01.2020 21:12

But you have to know how to use them, lol. Always a pleasure my Dear Lizelle 😍

01.02.2020 18:50

You've made me want to book a flight to come check out that spice shop again! I can just imagine the aroma as you walk through there. All these plant-powered legume dishes look fantastic. I would be happy testing out any and all of them. :)

28.01.2020 19:29

I'm going there this weekend to take our German guest who wants to take spices back home. Would love to take you:)

31.01.2020 21:11