Fruits and Veggies Monday - Spicy Mixed Veg & Cauli Curry

Variety is the spice of life!
As far as food is concerned, we often say we're spicing a dish up with something hot, and by that I don't mean temperature hot, oh no; that is chili hot, which really adds a zing to any dish!

When I visited a famous Durban spice shop Spice Emporium recently, I was greeted by a heady mixture of amazing spicy aromas, as I told everyone following #marketfriday!

Adding spice to the mixture always makes things so much more interesting not so?

Well, my hometown Durban and spicy foods go hand in hand as we have one of our country's biggest concentration of people descending from India; many of their ancestors migrated to South Africa in the 19th century.

Durban also is the home of the Bunny Chow, a hollowed out half loaf of bread filled with a spicy curry. We even have an annual Bunny Chow contest where restaurants vie with each other for a coveted trophy!

This was my version of a more elegant bunny chow where I baked a small loaf of bread in a food can, hollowed it out and filled it with a curry. This was for @jaybird's Steemit Sandwich Contest which came to an end when it reached Week #100.

But, I'm digressing as usual; I do love my friends from India and their spicy foods!

As some of you know, we run a little Airbnb called Lily's Cottage and regularly host students from a nearby training centre. They often order meals, and one of our current guests who is Hindu, fasts on a Monday and a Tuesday; meaning he abstains from any meat, chicken, fish and eggs on those days.

Thankfully I have had some good practice here on FAVM, so this Monday I made a simple but deliciously spicy Mixed Veg & Cauli Curry served with Rotis, an unleavened Indian flatbread; the latter bought from our local spice shop as it's freshly made daily. I still have to attempt making a Roti!
Apologies for not showing step by step, but I'm still getting used to my new cell phone and do not want it to get all steamed up just yet :) No fancy cameras for this old gal!


Main Ingredients


  • 1 large Onion - diced
  • 3 Tomatoes - diced
  • Wet Leaf Masala - a spice mix containing spices, seeds & leaves
  • Ginger & Garlic
  • 2-3 Potatoes - diced small & pre-cooked
  • 1 small Cauliflower - broken into florets
  • 2-3 cups frozen Mixed Vegetables
  • Green chilies
  • Fresh Dhania (Cilantro)

Sautee Onions in enough oil to cover base of pot.
Add Tomatoes and spice plus ginger & garlic as well as salt and cook a little longer to soften tomatoes.
Add potatoes and cauliflower and cook over low heat till cauliflowers starts to soften.
Lastly add mixed Veg and green Chillies and cook about 10 minutes.
Garnish with Dhania and serve with Roti or Basmati Rice.



One last look at this delicious Mixed Veg Curry:

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A sincere thank you to the creator of #fruitsandveggiesmonday, @lenasveganliving and to our weekly host the lovely @plantstoplanks! Both these ladies are such an inspiration with their kind feedback and the amazing food coming from their kitchens!
A massive shout-out to that wonderfully talented artist @barbara-orenya for the gorgeous wonkies as well!
Thank you one and all for giving us this opportunity!
Check out this week's POST, follow the rules 100% and show us your fruits and veggies this Monday.
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12.08.2019 15:22

Thank you so very much @helpiecake and @enchantedspirit, love this gorgeous cake;);)

13.08.2019 05:57

I should not really look at your post :D. Everytime I enter it reminds me of home and paratha is so special to me (I am just lazy to make) and that vegetables you cooked look awesome.

12.08.2019 15:34

I never knew that roti is also called paratha! We are really fortunate that the spice shops stock freshly made ones, I prefer having a curry with that rather than rice.
Thanks for popping in @rifkan:)

13.08.2019 04:00

roti is when you dont use oil while making it but paratha is when you fry in oil :) me too, rice can get boring but it takes some work to make :D

13.08.2019 19:14

Thank you for clarifying that:)

13.08.2019 19:32

All those amzing spices! How could we live without them right? And you are an artist Lizelle; that sandwich is exquisite! Nevertheless, your meal for today is just my kind of food..........mouthwatering!!! 🥦😍🥦
1 Collage.jpg

12.08.2019 18:34

Spicy food certainly adds some zing ;) Thank you for your wonderful comment Lena!

13.08.2019 05:48

Oh yay, you used some of your spices! That wet leaf masala mixture looks so delicious. I bet it pops with all those yummy veggies. I was in the same family for my lunch, at least on the cauliflower and curry end of things. :)

12.08.2019 19:18

That wet leaf masala did not disappoint, it was full of flavour! I saw your slow cooker curry and all the other healthy meals you prepped, looked so delicious! Thank you for the visit;)

13.08.2019 04:13

I think this will become my lunch today - I crave a tasty and savory treat like this one indeed

13.08.2019 00:21

Nothing beats the rich flavours derived from fresh spices, no matter whether veg or with meat, food like this is always a treat.

Right weather for one of those dishes today Lizelle.

13.08.2019 06:41

For sure and seems even colder today! Thanks for popping in Joan :)

13.08.2019 08:54

Cauliflower curry is a great idea! Usually we make a pasta sauce or a soup, but this could be a nice new use for our excess cauliflower!

13.08.2019 11:29

Cauliflower and even cabbage is great in a curry, really goes well with the spicy flavors. Thanks for popping into my kitchen @ bengy;)

14.08.2019 15:29

Almost all the REALLY fresh spices available right here are Mexican, and they will mostly add some serious zing. There is a supplier that has 'fresh ground Hatch Chili'. It's not horribly hot, but oh so tasty.

Thanks for a great looking entry. I really like the loaf of bread one too. I'm back to whole hog on the keto and all bread looks good :)

13.08.2019 12:10

So nice seeing you again @bigtom13! You are really fortunate with such fresh spices, I'm sure I would go quite dilly in your stores!
I took hubby off Keto as he had a couple if really scary hypoglycemic episodes, but we're still keeping the carbs intake low.
Funny how good things look when you can't have them not so;)

14.08.2019 15:39

Ohhhh this looks so delicious @lizelle! So you did end up buying some spices at the spice market, I knew you wouldn't be able to resist such amazing fragrances :) Love all of these veggies, cauliflower pairs so well with spice and is so meaty in dishes like this. I'm starving now my friend! Beautiful!

13.08.2019 14:35

It really does, even cabbage is great in a spicy curry! Thanks for popping into my kitchen my friend, always great seeing you:)

14.08.2019 15:32

You made great use of the spices you bought all those dishes look so good

13.08.2019 18:00

You made great use of
The spices you bought all those
Dishes look so good

                 - tattoodjay

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

13.08.2019 18:00

Those spices really added another dimension to the food, thanks for popping in:)

14.08.2019 15:30

MY pleasure to visit :)

14.08.2019 16:30

Oh!!! You never disappoint!!!

I must admit, I am impressed with anyone that posts from their phone. I seem to need to do it on the laptop so that I can see what I am doing. LOL

The wet leaf masala! Oh! That appeals to all of my senses and I am glad you got to dig right into those spices you bought on #MarketFriday! ;)

You are such an accommodating host!

Wonderful, as usual, and I love almost anything baked in a can!


14.08.2019 13:49

Ah thank you @dswigle, you are so kind! I only use my phone for taking photos, would go dilly if I had to post from it;)
We have such lovely guests so it's always a pleasure going the extra mile for them! Plus look what I learnt there!

14.08.2019 19:31
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14.08.2019 13:49

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