Fruits and veggies Monday - Spicy Blue Monday


Talk about having a Blue Monday; well yesterday certainly fitted that bill!

Getting a tiny shard of broken glass stuck in my foot was no fun but then my 88 year old Mom who has excellent vision came to the rescue.

Next calamity that struck was a scary blow-out in our electricity distribution board, a hectic explosion with sparks flashing! Hubby was out with our son doing last minute business for the son's Russian trip, which in itself is a bit of concern for Mother Hen!

My brother who is an electrical engineer came to the rescue, and I must emphasise just how blessed I am having precious family and friends I can call on during any times of need.

I had just started prepping the guests' dinner, while waiting for hospital authorisation as Mom needs to have a MRI.
Her balance is becoming a huge concern as she has been falling a lot lately; you can read all about why in my story There always is hope.

VP Shunt.jpg

The call came, authorisation was done but when I arrived at the neurosurgeon's rooms for the paperwork, I was told that there now was a problem.
An impending nursing staff strike loomed at that group of hospitals, but after a long wait, Mom was admitted; another calamity averted and mom was booked into a lovely room with a wonderful view to the west!


So it's already Tuesday here in a very sunny South Africa, I'm very late for #fruitsandveggiesmonday, but cannot let @lenasveganliving's team down so will share with you the quickest Fresh Vegetable Curry I ever made.

FAVM divider.png

PS. Thanks to my Instant Pot the guests' stew was done speedily as I got back home late after driving through peak traffic!

A spicy curry always peps me up so I scratched around in the refrigerator and found:

20200211_115506 (1).jpg

  • Wet Leaf Masala - an amazing mix of spices, Seeds, Cinnamon bark, Star Anise and all kind of Curry Leaves
  • Onions - diced
  • Tomatoes - diced
  • Garlic & Ginger
  • Carrots - diced
  • Potatoes - cubed
  • Frozen Green Beans
  • Frozen Baby Peas

Onions were sauteed in a little oil.
Masala, tomatoes, garlic & ginger added and left on a low heat, while...
Pre-cooking Carrots & Potatoes till just tender, before adding to spicy mix.
Lastly added frozen veg, cook for 5 more minutes and voila, a fragrant curry was ready in no time.
I served it with leftover Phutu - this is a typical South African side dish made by steaming maize meal over a low heat to form a crumb like texture; similar to polenta or grits.



I enjoy mine with a spicy hot fruity chutney.


A simple but delicious fruit salad was quickly thrown together as I had two gorgeous Mangoes that were getting ripe pretty fast as it's been extremely hot here.
I used...

  • Mangoes
  • Super sweet Plums
  • Apples
  • Bananas


A sweet end to a really stressful day!



A huge thank you to @lenasveganliving, @naturalmedicine, @vegansofsteemit, @plantstoplanks, @barbara-orenya for keeping this wonderful contest going plus a huge shoutout to all the generous curators who brighten our days:)

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11.02.2020 10:47

I just love your kitchen... nothing else to add! :smirk:

11.02.2020 12:03

Thank you so very much my friend, miss seeing your kitchen these days!

11.02.2020 20:27

Yeah, life is changing like it has too... and so are the given priorities. I miss cooking a lot lately. Just between you and me; I managed to record a 12 second Quick Slow Food timelapse... gonna put that up for FFF this week. hehe

11.02.2020 20:35

Aha look forward to seeing that!

11.02.2020 20:41

Hehe, no pressure please... :smirk:

11.02.2020 20:47

That just looks delish. Thank you for squeezing in the time to share.

@tipu curate

11.02.2020 13:35

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 5/15 - need recharge?)

11.02.2020 13:35

Awe thank you so much @minismallholding!

11.02.2020 20:30

This looks great @lizelle and makes me miss my instapot! (it didn't work with the different wattage over here sadly) I also loved learning about phutu, I have never heard of that before so thank you for teaching me something new! <3

11.02.2020 15:54

I hardly ever use the Instapot but was so glad of it this time, will certainly experiment more with it from now on, thank you for popping in:)

11.02.2020 20:32

Oh I always see such fun recipes using it! It seems like it takes the worry off of having to be hovering over the food while cooking so that's got to come in handy! Can't wait to see what you do with it <3

12.02.2020 00:32

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11.02.2020 15:55

Thanks a million @c-squared, really appreciate your support!

11.02.2020 20:36

your dishes look great. well done! i hope your mother gets out of her visit to the hospital safely and healthy.
A hug, @lizelle!

11.02.2020 16:21

Ah thank you @zeleicordero, we really hope they can help Mom, hugs to you as well:)

11.02.2020 20:38

Mouthwatering as always my Dear Lizelle πŸ’šπŸŒΏπŸ’š
@tipu curate


11.02.2020 19:24

I must thank you for keeping this wonderful contest going Lena!

11.02.2020 20:40

Very tasty looking lunch treat - yumyumyum

12.02.2020 00:39

Hope the procedure helps you mom with her balance, lovely view from the hospital room.

Ending the day with a nourishing meal, curry is a winner with me anytime, not so sure about krummel pap prefer brown rice :)

12.02.2020 07:31

Phew, what a Monday indeed! Hope your foot is alright and that Mom is getting the attention she needs! That certainly is a nice view while she waits. Of course this dish is something I would love to partake in, though that big bowl of fruit is even more divine!

12.02.2020 21:27

Thanks for another delicious recipe! Hope your mother will be feeling better. That view from her room looked neat!

13.02.2020 15:18

Hi @lizelle, I like this spicy one, can eat with white rice like Indian cuisine.
Sorry to know your mum in hospital, hope she get well soon.

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17.02.2020 01:22

Thank you so very much for the kind wishes, yes this will also be nice with rice;)

18.02.2020 05:48