Food Fighting and African Art Escapades


Time is of the essence for all of us and Fridays seem to creep up on me like those dragons of times gone by!
When I was a working gal in the corporate world, Fridays were the best days of the week as it meant a break from work.
Nowadays this is the busiest day of the week as can be expected in any BnB with business guests checking out and weekend guests here for leisure, but I just love it!

So I was a real copycat last week when I combined #fff and #marketfriday after seeing my friend @plantstoplanks' post, but this really simply is the best as I love both these challenges; two posts on a Friday I simply cannot manage!

Two quaint wine bottle holders that my brother put in my Christmas stocking!

Wine bottle holder.jpg

Another busy week with meal preps for two guests, some vegetarian meals and some meaty ones, although it was mostly Chicken and Fish this week.

We all went vegetarian on Saturday night and ordered a Vegetarian Pizza from one of the best pizza ovens in town which is at Roman's Pizza. I made a green salad to go with it, dollied up with Nasturtiums from the garden, really delicious.



Sunday was Roast Chicken with a Brown Onion Potato Bake & courgettes, patty pans and cauliflower with a sprinkling of cheese.


Pasta with basil tomato & onion, spring onions and a creamy cheese sauce; super quick and easy to make; served with corn on the cob this was a very good meal!


Our meat eater enjoyed a Chicken & Mushroom Bow-Tie Pasta served with....corn on the cob.


Last night was another quick but favourite meal, Chicken & Mushroom Pot Pie served with Baby Peas, Corn & Baby Carrots.


Now that all our #fff contenders are well fed, we can go on an African Art Escapade at the KZN Art Gallery in Glenwood.
Our German guest was looking for a gift to take back home to his wife and this is the best place I know of where you will always find something special. A tiny shop crammed full of goods that won't break the bank.
Many of these crafts are made from recycled materials and would fetch a hefty price at some other African Art stores.

Giant wall murals on the side of the building greeted us as we got out of our cars in the car park.


Mural two.jpg

They also have a lovely coffee shop and of course an Art Gallery where one can view the work of local artists.

I will let you shop with your eyes and decide what you'd like to buy for yourself.

Handmade colourful Shoes and Bags for Africa - we use that expression when something is plentiful, and there was a lot to choose from!


Colourful Woven rugs.


Woven Baskets, bowls and plates





My little stash of beaded key rings


Colourful clothing, hats and jewellery - way too much to choose from.






And I nearly forgot to show you the monkeys made with those poor lonely single socks that end up in the bin when their mates are nowhere to be found - the Socks Project is just another great initiative as many of the crafts are that's on sale here; helping people become self-sustainable.


Going a little off the theme here, but it's worthwhile mentioning another project called the Odd Socks project where socks are distributed to the homeless and underprivileged who really would not mind wearing odd socks in the midst of winter. Perhaps something you could start in your part of the world?

That's enough shopping for now, hope you enjoyed this as my contribution to #marketfriday initiated by the lovely @dswigle, the lady who I call one of our Steemit angels. Thank you for keeping this tag going - gives all of us a good excuse to go shopping!

Back to the food which I brought especially for the #fff crowd - that is @foodfightfriday run by those crazy wonderful guys @dandays, @jlsplatts and @idig, really appreciate the feedback from the team, more than you will ever know!A big thhank you also to our new sponsor @foodiesunite for the prizes!*![()

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Thank you so very much @claudio83!

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31.01.2020 21:26

So much colour in this entry and that’s before I got to the food! It’s amazing the stuff that people make and I love different cultures. The food looks incredible!

01.02.2020 04:48

Our African art is very colourful indeed, glad you enjoyed the food @shaidon!

02.02.2020 05:53

It is quite stunning and eye-catching.

03.02.2020 12:08

Nothing like killing two birds with one stone Lizelle. You nailed both of them with one post, great job.
I think my girls already subscribe to their own "odd sock project" ; they think wearing mismatched socks is a fashion statement. I must admit I wear a lot of mismatched socks myself but my cowboy boots hide the evidence.
Until next time,

02.02.2020 01:59

Haha I think many guys wear mismatched socks that the can hide, my son is one of them;) It's so nice seeing you here Mr Papper!

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Thank you!

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Nutritious meals with a little from the garden making the food look delicious.

Bead work always a treat to witness how inventive people are with their hands @lizelle something always enjoyable to go see when visiting markets.


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Oh, you really nailed these both, right to the cross! I cannot think of a more delicious way to serve up #MarketFriday than this!! I am all in favor of the twofers. I am totally guilty of putting several tags that occur on the same day!

Mazel Tov!!

The dinners were divine, as always! What a treat to visit your Inn! You add the sweetest touches to each meal, making them memorable but the unique arrangements of florals. I learn so much peeking in on you, from the way you present your meals to the selection of foods paired up. I truly enjoy them!

As for shopping, hello?? What a great shop that you steer them to. The colors and patterns are vivid and bright, sure to never be forgotten! You are the best hostess ever!! Every Inn should be run just like this!!

You are truly the best!!

MarketFriday loves you!

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Thank you so very much Denise!

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