SPUD Aquarium mini contest announcement

The other day when I posted my SPUD post I did a mini contest. I posted an image for people to guess where the place is. This is the image, plus a second one which I didn't show in my previous post. Can you guess where this place is?


The contest has closed now, and I'm very happy that quite a lot of people joined in the fun. Here's the answers I got, and there were some pretty interesting ones. Aquarium was the obvious answer, but that would have been way too easy. The next most popular answer was a toilet which seems a bit random. I don't know if you guys and gals have always fantasised peeing in an aquarium....

@kaerpediem - restroom
@holovision - public aquarium
@cryptocurator - aquarium themed washroom
@ph1102 - toilet
@wittywheat - National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium Taiwan
@nathen007 - Taipei branch of Harry Ramsdens
@brittandjosie - zoo
@sgt-dan - The Wallpaper on you Computer
@fionasfavourites - aquarium
@worldbuilder - Children's Museum
@sacra97 - room
@bethvalverde - bowling alley
@drakernoise - a toilet in a public place
@justclickindiva - indoor aquarium
@ninahaskin - a children's area at a aquarium/zoo
@sjarvie5 - aquarium
@misslasvegas - public restroom
@gabrielatravels - public aquarium

Anway, five of you guys and gals @kaerpediem, @cryptocurator, @ph1102, @drakernoise and @misslasvegas guessed correctly! This is an aquarium theme toilet! Well done!!!

This toilet is inside a local department store. This department store actually has a lot of different themed toilets on each floor. I keep on meaning to do a post of them all, but its a bit difficult to take photos when there are people inside. I'm slowly getting there, and when I get all the photos, I'll show you all. In the meanwhile, let me show you a few more images of this aquarium themed toilet.

Here are the washing basins with the cubicles at the back. And there are even some kiddies urunial. In case you're wondering, this is the female toilet!!!



I promised a 5 Steem prize for the winner. It's not a lot, but a contest would be no fun if there was no prize. Since there were 5 people who guessed correctly, I did a draw, and the winner is........

2020-02-05 (10).png

Congrats @misslasvegas!!!! I've sent 5 Steem off to you! Thanks for joining in the fun.

2020-02-05 (12).png

Actually, I really enjoyed doing this contest, especially with so many of you supporting my little crazy idea. I'm hoping to do this again at next month's SPUD, hopefully you will join in and have some fun again.


For the past few months, I've been sponsoring SPUD with 10 Steem powered up to one random SPUD contestant. Thanks to @traciyork for helping me to do the draw, this month's winner is @cryptokannon. Congrats!!! 10 Steem has been powered up to your wallet.

2020-02-05 (13).png

For those who don't know, SPUD is hosted by @streeetstyle on the first day of each month to encourage people to power up. You can read about his latest post here.

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How are you going to do your business with all those fish watching? 😄

05.02.2020 15:11

You just go with the flow 😂😂😂

06.02.2020 03:28

Lol seems like the only way.

06.02.2020 07:18

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05.02.2020 16:11

Felicitaciones a los que acertaron sobre el cuarto de baño y a los ganadores. @misslasvegas, @cryptokannon.

Congratulations to those who were right about the bathroom and to the
@misslasvegas, @cryptokannon.

Thanks @livinguktaiwan very funny contest

05.02.2020 16:35

Thank you ❤️

06.02.2020 02:51

Thanks for joining in the fun!!

06.02.2020 03:28

thank you!

09.02.2020 01:58

Awww, I forgot about this. Anyway, congratulations to the winner! 🙂

05.02.2020 17:43

No worries, I'm hoping to do it again next month!

06.02.2020 03:29

Then I'll have to keep my eyes open 😁

06.02.2020 13:16

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06.02.2020 00:53

Yay! Thank you 😊 @livinguktaiwan. Take care ❤️

06.02.2020 01:23

You're welcome!

06.02.2020 03:30

Wow! Now that's a cool toilet. Congratulations to the winners!!!

06.02.2020 10:16

Wow, those are nice restrooms it seems, and can't wait to see the rest. Thank you for joining and supporting #spud @livinguktaiwan Take care.

06.02.2020 12:23

You're very welcome, @livinguktaiwan - happy to help! 😊

07.02.2020 16:33

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08.02.2020 15:51

Ah, thank you @livinguktaiwan! 5 Steem not a lot? Well, we all know that the price of Steem will be going to the moon, so this is huge. :)

09.02.2020 01:58