Calling Sailor Moon fans

Any Sailor Moon fans here? I went for a walk at the department store in town today as I had nothing better to do on Sunday. Just kidding, I'm not that sad. It was too early for dinner and I wanted to stay indoors even though it was only 30 degrees outside. I say only, coz it was about 36 degrees a few days ago.


The department store had a Sailor Moon promotion exhibition so I went to take a look. Entrance was free, I have to add. I think it it might have been quite busy earlier on as there was a queueing area outside. I was able to walk straight in when I arrived.


Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is a shojo manga (comics targeted at female teenagers). It's about a 14 year old school girl who is actually a Sailor Moon, a Sailor Guardian destined to fight a group of villains. She does this with a group of fellow Sailor Guardians. The exhibition has some life size cut out of the Sailor Guardians characters and backgrounds from the anime. There were some people queuing up to take photos, I thought I'd join in the fun! 😉




After walking through the exhibits, there is, surprise surprise, a shop selling merchandise. Well, they gotta make their money somewhere now that visitors have enjoyed the free tour. There were all sorts of interesting stuff on sale such as phone accessories, kiddies stuff, stationary, household stuff.


My favourite, well not really favourite, but found most amusing was this. Can you guess what it is?

I think this is a magical tool used by Sailor Moon, because the other one looks like some sort of magic wand. These are actually power banks and they cost NTD2699 / USD97 each!!!!

As I left the shop, empty handed of course, I saw a donut stall. Haritts is a donut store from Tokyo who has two shops in Taiwan and one in Singapore. Apart form Krispy Kreme, they are my favourite donut. Seems like they were doing a cross over promotion with Sailor Moon today. Had it not been nearly dinner time, I would have bought some.

Before I left, I saw some machines outside the exhibition. You can get some personalised stickers, one of those pressed coins, and there's a photo booth. All Sailor Moon of course. Oh, I saw a fan in cosplay as well!!


By the way, did I tell you I've never watched a single episode of Sailor Moon before 😉

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Gosh, that was so long ago, I used to be one!

21.07.2019 17:12

I read the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is an online version that came out in 2014, time to rekindle again maybe?

21.07.2019 17:19

Seriously!!!?? Alright, I'll go find it!! Hahaha

21.07.2019 17:21

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21.07.2019 22:10
21.07.2019 22:18

I love SailorMoon :D Aaaah, what an exhibition ! I would have gone a bit crazy if I was there XD;;;;;;

........ I wanna try that donuts so bad nowwwww, if LUT thinks it's comparable to Krispy Kreme, then I wanna try theeeeemmmmm aaaaaaaaaaa

Gosh, those merch is ridic, though~ Maaaaan~

22.07.2019 01:58

ha ha!! have you drew Sailor Moon before? Or is that not your style?

23.07.2019 12:44

Not really a fan but if there's a cosplay going on, I am more likely stop and spend sometime. Otherwise, depends of whether I have time to spare. Like this one, there was time.

22.07.2019 06:02

come on!!! Admit it, you're a secret fan *_^

23.07.2019 12:43

Actually, I never knew much about it until seeing some cosplay stuff. :-)

23.07.2019 13:00

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22.07.2019 19:35

Wow I am so envious. If I had money I would spend it all and I love doughnuts. I think I see a girl dressed in lolita in your last picture.

26.07.2019 14:50

A few of them came in cosplay but I didn't want to be rude and point my camera directly at her that's why the photo was a bit blurry.

I take it you're a Sailor Moon fan?

26.07.2019 15:11

Oh yes. My favorites are Sailor Mars and Saturn.

26.07.2019 16:07