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Look What I've Found? Something Fun During The Weekend

ok. This is a little late for me to come into the game since this was found by SteemHunt 7 months ago.



Mirror AI has totally caught my attention more than FaceApp on a Friday Night after @bitrocker2020 candidly posted a 2050 Breaking News of the Future that we all had a good chuckle!

And the first thing when I tried this app out...

I Got Hooked!

Unfortunately to make it look really like a sticker for messenger like WhatsApp, I have to do whip up my dusty and rusty image editing skills to perfect it.


Changing from their default to this!


The moment I got it done and sent to my friend who loves stickers, she was excited haha...

And I went on to make a whole school of Stickers for my messenger!


I know there's a whole lot fun when you actually make the stickers look much more professional when they look a lot like the default ones.

The app itself already done 80% of the work, and I just need to tweak another 20% to make it VERY PERSONAL!

If you are too lazy to make them yourself, I am offering my service for 2 steem; where you get 10 stickers similar to these.

Just contact me via Discord at littlenewthings#8151, we can arrange your photos there and even take the trouble to get the images nicely bordered with transparent. 😉

Time to make some good use of the steem that are lying around for something fun?

You bet!

Until then

Thank You for Your Time


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