We started our classes with the parents of the children with the theme: Providencial History of the Waraos In the indigenous community tribe warao cambalache 📚🖍✏📐📏. .

For a long time this family has been with us every Tuesday in our little school with the children and they told us that they also wanted to learn to read, write and the approach to biblical principles. So on Thursdays we are going to teach him and this time they learned a little about their history and the care of God in their tribe, they are the oldest ethnic group in Venezuela, they are 9,000 thousand years old in our country. They are engaged in fishing, curiara, planting and processing vegetables etc. .

We have to develop fine and thick motor skills in order to write so we have to color a lot, here we see Mrs. Maria and her family coloring for the first time one of their ancestors.

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