Slutita small disciples in the sun. Devocional Kids. Pupils: Felix and Camila.

Transformation agents πŸ’• We need a community that creates that the Word of God and only Christ can change to a nation. The culture of a nation will determine its destiny ☝ I change that culture and volcue to God πŸ™Œ



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15.05.2020 03:00

Daniel + Bianka -- Please look into the link below that is offering 100's of FREE classes in Spanish, not just for Yourself but the children as they get older...

@littledisciples Great to see You with the children in the class room.


MΓ‘s de 200 cursos gratuitos en lΓ­nea de Salesforce para estudiar en casa


Free classes in Spanish for both children + adults -- Google search
(( at bottom, see Children's Books ))

18.05.2020 15:11

Thank you friend We will take into account, thank you for support

23.05.2020 03:36