Millennials children.

Now the children get bored so fast because we have taught him that the modern is the best because you can no longer see children playing ball, dolls etc. Well, your wish is to have a tablet or a cell phone no matter how old you are. Without supervision of a responsible adult they are being discipled by what they see and hear. We carry these functions to neighborhoods, schools, foundations, etc. In order to sow biblical principles and that they feel children in all their splendor living every stage in their lives.

Thanks to the foundation fundacion.semillitasdedios
By invitation🥰🥰🥰 God bless you, we are here to serve you 😘.

Taking principles and values ​​that transform lives everywhere, thanks to onehopevenezuela for the support of the books we deliver in each function 🥰 💕.

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