Abstract Color Wave Lines

ntopaz-image-0#### Hello Everyone,
For the theme "Art Of Light" initiated by @ntopaz, for the second time I want to participate again in the same theme with a different visual image.

Yeah, This time, I showed my own inspirational work with the theme "Abstract Color Wave Lines". between touching lines that abstractly fall on irregular colors, but form something that is not perfectly visible.

As seen by the eye that the pattern of wavy colored lines forms something like a hidden message from the side of psychology. that special color of course in perfect light. The presence of color in a thing or object can provide variations in daily life. everything that is seen in vision will be beautiful.

Color is aesthetic value that always gives meaning to what it carries. each form of objects containing colors will present its own meaning to him.

Thank you, hopefully this imagination can provide impetus for motivation.
Greetings Creative,
I leave you a link to my social network if you want to see more of my work: Instagram

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