Digital painting: We Are Not Supermen

ntopaz-image-0#### Hello everyone!
Today I would like to share work pending in the @nTOPAZ contest. I want to describe in the "Art with a HUMAN FOCUS" contest but I didn't realize that I had missed the second chance for the contest. so I think it would be nice for me to keep posting outside the contest on the @nTOPAZ platform.

This painting is the result of improvisation that I did with a piece of my personal photo. I want to show the anatomy of the body with nerve tissue to the brain. as well as the inside of the body that shows the heart between the ribs.

for color I tried to splash some digital color mixes to cover the original photo. does look a little scary, but for the medical world this is normal for them.

I intentionally set irregular lines in this painting to help the anatomical parts of the body. like scattered veins. I want to say, When everyone looks like what I described above. humans are nothing, humans on this earth will not look perfect or great when all the contents of his body plastered out if not wrapped in skin. all will not mean anymore at all.

Thank you for taking your time to visit my blog, I hope you like it.



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Thanks so much @steemitboard

24.09.2019 02:59