Dragon Paintings According to Ancient Legend Traditions


The story of the dragon appears in many legends throughout the world, each culture has a diverse story about monsters that are grouped as dragons. and there are some dragons that are said to shoot fire from his mouth, as in Old English poetry (Beowulf). Dragons are usually described as snakes or reptiles that hatch from eggs and have scaly or hairy bodies. sometimes they are also described as treasure keepers in hidden or forbidden places. and other myths depict dragons having backs with many fins. some say dragons from Europe have wings, whereas Chinese dragons resemble large snakes that have a varied number of legs, ranging from no legs, even having more than two legs.

Humans often associate dragons with the spiritual world in religious and cultural life throughout the world. as in many Asian cultures, humans worship dragons as representatives of the forces of nature, religion, and the universe. Dragons are also associated with wisdom and have a long life. Dragons are generally said to have magical or magical powers. even in some of the cultures mentioned, dragons can also communicate with human language. and there are people who believe in ancient traditions, that dragons teach humans to talk.

Regarding the story of the legend of the dragon monster, I tried again in the enterprising work of art to paint a dragon of my own inspiration. and the dragon that I describe according to my view is a Chinese dragon, because it does not have wings as I explained above.

I describe it with a mixture of colors, as if the dragon's life depicts his life filled with mysticism and creepy. the color that I gave, in my opinion is very appropriate as a description of fiction.

and here are some steps for this artwork when I finish the dragon painting slowly until it's finished..





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