Baby Panda Painting | Digital-Art


Hello everyone, friends from the Gems and Steemit community..

Nothing is more beautiful without breaking the feeling of brotherhood among each other. the establishment of friendships in a community that is created from community behavior that aims to increase mutual respect and respect for one another.

Various ways and efforts of one's person is nothing but to fulfill an expected goal. that way, in a community built with trust. then of course the satisfaction will be felt by all members of the community itself.

Hi friends, not only do I want to talk about the community here, but I also want to show the community the work that I worked on yesterday. this time I was inspired by the adorable "Baby Panda".

Here I try to draw it using a blue pen on a piece of paper that I took from a notebook. I began to draw lines slowly to resemble the shape of a cute baby. as if the baby was laughing at someone in front of him.

After finishing the sketch, then I tried to color it using the digital color method. the last color in the painting I mix with black and white for the background. graffiti on the background gives the baby a natural impression.

Here comes the cute baby panda ...






Thank you,
See you in the next post.
Creative Greetings...


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This is cute. I love his tie. It made him look like a gentle man.

29.04.2020 20:17

Thank you friends for your appreciation

29.04.2020 20:33