A Roses in October


Black clouds again envelop the earth of my land. many people say it's a sign of rain. indeed in my country has entered the rainy season. and this will usually be a challenge for the wider community. Floods and muddy soils are things that we usually encounter when entering the rainy season. but the activities continue to run to make ends meet. although some people will feel lazy to get out.

and I still choose to focus on doing art work which has become my daily hobby. there is no reason for me to stop practicing drawing and contribute in the arts. I continue to draw according to ideas or inspiration that I find in other artists and even from nature.

So, for a cool day today I try to see nature in full color that drives life. I chose a red rose that was loved by many people. and I tried to draw by forming a few sketches using a simple pencil. as well as for coloring I only use colored pencils from Faber-Castell. and I think just three colors are enough for that. Pink, Green and Red!

Alright friends Steemians, I will try to show some sketches that I have done below. and the roses I have colored.








This is the rose that I want to offer to Steem friends in October 2019. I hope you all like it and become a soothing inspiration.

Thanks So Much

I leave you a link to my social network if you want to see more of my work: Instagram

Greetings Creative..

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