Supportive friends in Gaming

As posted on my Facebook community the Path of Exile Hideout ( Sharing here as this is dedicated to you @supersoju , else you'd not get to read it! Love & thanks for the continued fun!

Do not rip, woman!

Supportive friends in Gaming


Today, I'm just going to write about soone who is s important to me in the game. It'a ramble, so pleaease skip past if it is too much.

I have mentioned in my posts occasionally of this favorite gal pal gamer chick. I'm a big fan of her cat, soju, even though I'm kinda scared of cats in real life. If you are a cat person, you can wander over to a crazy cat is an experience! omg

This lady was my very fst Solo Self Found Hard Core (SSFHC) recruit to the game. It's the most difficult mode in Path of Exile. Shehe was my most supportive friend beforehand on a different platform, and I knew she was an ex-gamer. We're talking her going as far back as dos games...that's super scary geek to me.

Since I started last month of Betrayal, she has been there with me on and off, depending on her schedule. Apparently, she sometimes like to work on her Sims 100 baby challenge, or whatever it was...In fact, I was supposed to return the favour and go try to have 100 digital babies...As if 2 real ones were not enough work for me...😂

She has a great sense of fun, and I still remember how I had started playing PoE only for a few days and posting on my experience, when she surprised me in a comment that she's downloaded the game. More shocking to me was that overnight, she had already well passed me in levels in what took me days! Yep, when I started, it took me days to finish Act 1 and Merveil was HARD. So funny to compare now.

And you know when you visit someone's hideout, you can immediately tell what kind of gamer they are?

Well, there her's was, just freshly started and her very bare minimalist hideout had all the key items strategically placed for optimal efficiency. When I gently complained (for fear of offending her) that her place wasn't decorated enough, I think her improvement was a fancy table that she managed to find and place in a corner...🤣That's not to say this lady has not got good taste, I've seen the impressive macaroon creations she bakes. But in gaming, she is in serious gamer mode.

Even with very limited time to play, she has got into maps on her own playing SSFHC the way she wants. And I really enjoy her perspective on the game. Gosh, when I first pointed out Path of Building to her, she totally nerded out on me! I'm giving that Hex Master skill node a go because she once raved about it. I am always thrilled to wake up to a discord message from her telling me she's continuing her Hardcore journey. Of course, I am devastated with her when she announces a rip. She's still going for her Immortal achievement (Level 80 HC), so I am rooting for her to exceed this and go onto Eternal (Level 90 HC), if not this league then the following ones. She's a perfect example how you can still enjoy and progress a HC game on your terms and pace.

It's great to have supportive friends in the game to keep you motivated.

We both play independently as we play SSFHC, and more than once we've bump into each other in town. Made me smile to catch her last night (see screenshot and chat - kooky/supersoju on the left, Nerfessa/Linny on the right), and that we had our Betrayal helm adorned as we both went for that in a last minute dash during our first league. I hope others are as fortunate to have developed lasting friendships that we can share our gaming with.

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Yay for supportive friends in gaming!

Or anywhere really XD I've still got a few long term online friends that I met in forums a hundred million years ago. We're old farts now that have taken deviating routes but still check in every once in a while :)

09.08.2019 01:48

Maintaining online friendships is tough, I'd say I've too many skeletons to remember them all now. But Supersoju is actually my longest running friend online; I categorise friends as those you regularly maintain contact with.

But the gaming community can be extremely toxic as I've discovered, which is why this new community is one I created. Starting groups is not my thing! It means a lot to me for those who came over in support and accepted moderation responsibilities, and I have found encouragement and readership in the kinder souls who took an interest in my PoE journey. I'm hoping it will be a place where people can meet other supportive players and become friends with. But only time will tell. The group is only over a week old and we just hit over 100 members. It keeps me busy atm. I still miss my conversations with @supersoju though. ;)

Hope you and your family are well. Thanks for dropping by this highly neglected blog.

09.08.2019 04:20

Yes, yes it can be, as can any given community. Just gotta find the gems you wanna hang out with :)

Sounds like you've got a nice thing going with the group you started :D

09.08.2019 07:44

So true re the toxicity, it's usually when I leave. I really don't know how well this group will go, only that I am very protective of the people who have expressed support. FB for all its shittiness, because it is shitty as far as privacy, it has done extremely well as far as collecting people into hubs of interest. I suppose this group of players has my loyalty and where I will primarily write for until it doesn't work. But at least I have a say as to who moderates and the general direction. I owe a lot of these players my gratitude for their patience and understanding. I can be controversial and demand I be allowed to say what's on my mind good and bad. It certainly rubs people the wrong way. ;)

09.08.2019 10:01

Nothing wrong with saying what’s on your mind as long as everyone else can too and you all deal with the consequences 😜

It’ll be great 🙃

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09.08.2019 11:08

Gaming with friends is a lot of fun. Kinda can't wait for the semester to start so I can get back to gaming with my roommate. XD Gaming is a great way to meet and get to know people.

On the other hand, sometimes I don't feel like people and single player is nice XP

09.08.2019 03:48

Why are you not playing Path of Exile? Why are we not connected on Facebook? Why are you not part of my little community? I miss you though. Hope you've been well and you're still with your gorgeous lady!

09.08.2019 04:22

Well, I'm on my college's wifi and they don't let games through, so that's one reason. Otherwise I'd at least give it a try even though I have so many games in my Steam library waiting to be played lol.

You can add me on Facebook, my profile is I use Messenger a fair amount.

Not doing the greatest, not with her as of two days ago, so yeah... :'( There's a poem about some of my thoughts over on my Steem blog. Willing to talk more about it over Messenger or Hangouts if you want to. Really appreciated you talking with me before.

09.08.2019 04:46

Well at least now I can say with this selfie; I’ve upgraded from a full bucket head to half a bucket head. I wouldn’t have been able to obtain that betrayal helm if it wasn’t for you. So thank you!

Lol I haven’t worked on my digital babies for a long time; I will after I rip with this last SSFHC attempt. No doubt it would be from some stupid mistake again. Thought I would give it one more go since there is a month left to this league and while I am waiting on work to be ready for me. Hopefully I would be able to get reach lvl 80 before end of the league; depends on work.

And you know when you visit someone's hideout, you can immediately tell what kind of gamer they are?

That was such a memorable moment when you first went into my hideout and commented on it. How you noticed I placed everything a certain way to keep it out of the way and how I shoved all the npcs to the side. But at least I decorated it a bit for you. At least I’ve set up a table and chair for visitors; plus a piece of art for them to view. If memory serves me right; I think I even put something like a bench for visitors to sit on while they admired my artwork.

Gosh, when I first pointed out Path of Building to her, she totally nerded out on me!

HAHAHA!! It made my life easier to plan my points and see some calculations. Doing everything in the head takes up space.

Well I hope we both reach the next achievement; good luck on reaching your Eternal achievement! You’ve done so well to date. Keep it up!

09.08.2019 06:31

How can we forget your bucket head witch! XD

And you added benches for the visitors...?! I take it back that it was just a fancy table! lol

Don't rip, because I reckon managing 100 digital babies whining at you is worse that playing SSFHC....The woohoo-ing for experimenting with genetic mixes were fun, but I used to hate teaching the sim babies to walk, talk and whatevers. My sim parents were slackers too, they never had a birthday party for neglected sim child on time.

I think in sims that is a bad thing for the kid! Has some detrimental effect or something.

But I can proudly say, in real life, I outsourced party planning to trusty husband this year who then outsourced to a jumping centre. haha The kids had a ball and no detrimental effects. But we try to indulge our kids on their birthday wishes and this was Minecraft inspired birthday cakes.

Left that to hubby to figure out too, good sport that he was.
Here was the result...

Can you tell the cake on the left for twin 1 (Violet) is creeper?

And the cake on the right for twin 2 (Jade) is meant to be a 'grass block'?

Yep, he baked a chocolate packet mix cake, cut the rectangle in half and then slathered it with green icing. I was cracking up when I was doing the birthday video. But despite him not having your baking talents, all credit to him, the kids asked for seconds and thirds, which isn't something kids actually do for those fancy birthday cakes mothers make that is amazing to look at and horrible to eat. hehehe

Do you know he made me ham and cheese croissants today?


Well, he then demanded that I tell my PoE community that he was not my prison warden meanie husband who kept confiscating my gaming laptop.

Hilarious. XD

Love hubby, wouldn't be able to get as far as I have without his continued support too. <3

On a final note, we both will get there kooky cat woman! The fun is laughing at our mistakes. ;)

09.08.2019 08:02

lol then you will hate playing the 100 babies challenge because if you have the parenthood expansion; you are required to stop what you are doing and discipline kids when they do something wrong. What annoyed me was after disciplining the kid and make them clean up the mess; they just go ahead and do it again in another spot anyways.

Nice cake!! Your hubby did a great job. The cake had risen nicely and the middle still looks moist. The cake looks big for a packet cake; did he use two packets? Looks better than my first cake I assembled for my partner. (see below) I didn't have an oven so I bought all the parts and I didn't even have enough ready made frosting to cover the whole cake. Cost more to build this cake than to buy one already made lol. But I did make it up to him with a better soccer cake a couple years later.

I love how the cake is cut into two. I would have thought twins usually just share a cake; but then again they would enjoy it more if they had their own candles to blow out.

I made a minecraft cake for my nephew's 7th birthday several years back. It took me weeks to prepare it; from design to assemble. Was going post all my baking stuff in order on steemit; however considering I haven't really been posting; I'll share it with you.

This cake is a big and heavy cake; had to bake 3 cakes to make it; usually its just 1 cake; dam you minecraft and your cubes. The cake topper I made as a keepsake; my nephew ended up throwing it away some time later. What a waste of my effort and time; and he dared to complain to me 2 years later I didn't make him a birthday cake that year like I did last year. pfft kids lol. Told him it was 2 years ago; not last year; and he didn't even appreciate it; didn't eat a piece or keep the cake topper like he suppose to; so he wasn't getting another cake from me. lol. well not a fancy cake like this.

Anyways; the cake design doesn't end here. The cake opens after you cut it.


I made caves inside with sparkly gems and a mini version of the guy (don't know his name). Don't get me wrong, my nephew loved the cake at the time of reveal and singing. But he didn't even eat a piece; just went back to playing games.

Anyways; there's my rant for the day. Thank goodness I only made a fancy cake once per family member; not every year; except for my sister's kids since she bakes too. But I know what you mean by those fancy cakes that looks amazing yet tastes horrible; its the type of fondant they use; easier to use but tastes horrible; and the cakes are super sweet as well. I stayed away from those fondants. If I can't stand eating them; then there is no way I would use them on my cakes; even if I dont eat it.

Do you know he made me ham and cheese croissants today?

Did he at least toast it? lol

Oh; you should get magic candles for your daughters' next birthday.
They would love it. Be sure to record their reactions and get ready for the smoke alarm to go off lol

09.08.2019 11:07

WOW....I shared this on my FB post comments, an amazing cake like that deserves to be shared!!! My daughter told me that the topper guy is Steve. I never did get around to sharing my daughters' Facebook creations with you. When I have a moment, I might put together a post in response to that amazing awe-inspiring cake...

I mean WOW again!!!

It's a shame you are sharing your master creations in my comment section. They should be properly showcased in their own post. I'd hang out here more if you were actually more active and posting again! But I think with all this latest tribal business, it has my eyes rolling some more with 'cannot be stuffed figuring it all out'. lol

09.08.2019 12:25

Thanks guys.
I just had a look at my sketched design and measurements and it was 2 cakes; not 3 that I had baked to make this cake. Can't believe I went into so much detail and effort when I was sketching out designs lol; especially considering I can't draw. If I had known my nephew was going to throw out the cake topper; I would have asked for it back. It was a cool design. It took me a while to figure out how to create a floating tree because Steve took a piece out in the middle. (Thanks to your daughter for his name)

I do have a facebook page dedicated to my baking products; when I stopped baking/posting; I just left the page as it was. But there wasn't really much information about the creations or back story to them. Which was what I was aiming to do here; but obviously gave up.

Can't wait to see what your daughters created; they are very creative from what I've seen so far.

09.08.2019 13:24

You have a FB baking page?! How long have I harassed you about getting onto Facebook and to save me the trouble of crossing over to here? I might have to give you access to soju's super secret facebook account... ;)

But on a serious note, we should be sensible about the pros and cons of the differing platforms. I feel people lose their objectivity over here and it is not the utopia those most invested make it. If your goal is for reach a diverse range of people to find those gems, which is my goal, then Facebook has more than done this for me. Anyway, I was going to PM you this, but here is as good a place.

OMFG...How ugly?!?!

11.08.2019 00:51

I dont know if I would want that doesn't help to motivate me to try to complete the challenges.

11.08.2019 06:00

oh come on! I think we should do it just so we can get a selfie of our witches with matching purple rock heads...🤣🤣🤣

11.08.2019 10:47