AIGO protocol ICO Review


Project name: AIGO Protocol
Token symbol: AIGO
White paper:
Soft cap: 500,000 USD
Hard cap: 3,000,000 USD
Token for sale: 1,000,000,000 AIGO

AIGO is rebuilding the payment space with flexibility and ease of use of credit cards for blockchain technology. We are developing a complete payment system that has needs in the business world. Expand and increase your payment options and start following the cryptocurrency today.

What is AIGO?


AI-Payment is designed for direct transfer of value between the two parties, without having to go through an intermediary (P2P). The basic type of this transaction is “Push”, although this gal may be enough as a POC for cryptocurrency, it is certainly very sufficient to get them to use payments using
digital currencies for modern trade.

How does it work?


In order for cryptocurrency to succeed over time, it must be a core aspect of the ecosystem it represents. The AI ​​Payment Ecosystem will be built entirely around the AIGOPay Token function. Our goal is to create a “De-jure & De-Facto” standard. AI payments for modern payments by adopting strong economic token support.

Early adopters
Early adopters are leading businesses from various industries that have committed to the AI ​​Payment Chain. This trader is vol. significant processing can be done at the AIGO Ecosystem.

Launch Partner
We have carefully selected launch partners with the ability to realize the potential of AI Payments in the field of personal market skills. This market will enable people to empower, pay service fees, and destroy the current revenue allocation model.

Pride of AI Payment
As part of a support system that will be developed to promote the adoption of AIGO tokens, we will incorporate applications as part of our wallets where only businesses have chosen to process with AI Payments.



Each card swipe or make a complex process, as payment data generated and sent through a complex network of private stakeholders, each of which costs to drive the transaction through : The card network, which acts as a central point that facilitates transactions between users and acquires entities, when building protocols as well as other parties involved in processing cards are required to follow them. They also set a interchange Fee, ensuring compliance with the rules and conditions they set and resolving disputes with network members.

Our Platform


A – Wallet

A dashboard of accounts is used to view account details and to connect wallet-to-wallet. Wallet is the user’s private key holder. A-Wallet will facilitate the interaction of bill payments and between accounts. This interaction consists of PullRequests, approves transactions, shows transaction history, and displays account balance.

A – Card

A platform that we will realize is where the payment system uses an ATM card (A-Card). We will disseminate an A-Card that can help overcome the solution of fiat currency withdrawal (Crypto Card Bank) and also to pay bills without the slightest fee.

A – Store

A marketplace that supports AI-System, the purpose of this system is to allow users to buy goods without confirmation from the center, which is instant without a significant time lag. This is one of the AIGO Platforms that has something unique from other e-Commerce.

A – Chain

AIGO will initially be introduced to the Ethereum network but intends to use other networks to develop signs in the future. The AIGO solution consists of several smart and unique contract components that come together to create a flexible AI-Payment

Funds Budget Allocation





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