How to Use Spanners Properly?

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A toolkit without a spanner is very hard to even imagine. There are a variety of spanners available in the market. Be it double end spanner or adjustable spanner, each has its utility. Spanners are primarily used for turning fasteners such as nuts and bolts. This tool is also known as wrenches in different parts of the world.

Spanners are usually employed for gripping objects and turning fasteners. A vast majority of the spanners rely on manual operations for functioning. For Example, the slide style is more suited to rapid motions.

So, a tool owner should know exactly what type of tool they are dealing with.

It is very important to use the right tool in the right manner. Here are some important tips for handling some of the most common types of spanners.

• Adjustable Spanner – This type of spanner is easy to use and has a plethora of utilities associated with it. In order to turn it forward, you need to position your thumb on the gear of the spanner. This movement enables the adjustable jaw to spread out. This creates a bigger distance between both the jaws. This facilitates a simple grip and helps to rotate as many revolutions as possible. It is quite important to secure the fixed spanner jaws around the fastener and then turn the gear towards the handle until it sits tightly on the fastener. This tool is tailor-made for working in different types of machines. As a result, it is very popular in different garage and motor repairs work.

• Slide Spanner – Handling a slide manner is not a Herculean task. All you need to do is to slide the adjustable thumb knob towards the handle. This will help to widen the jaws. The spanner should be positioned around the nut or bolt. Slide the adjustments to tighten it. Twist the spanner in an anticlockwise direction to tighten a fastener and in a clockwise direction to tighten the fastener. Slide the thumb near the jaw to free the nut by opening the jaw. This type of spanner can be used in a variety of purposes. They can work on different types of fasteners. As a result, they are very popular when it comes to different household maintenance works.

• Automatic Adjustable Spanner – This spanner has wide-scale application. To widen the jaws, you need to press the button on the spanner. The jaws which are powered by the battery will open up as wide as possible. You need to position the spanner jaws around the fastener and then press the button again. This will enable the jaws to automatically close around the fastener. Rotate the spanner in the clockwise direction to fasten it or in the anti-clockwise direction to loosen it. This type of spanner is mainly used by plumbers for pipe fittings.

Wrapping Up

Spanners are mainly used for rotating objects. It is advised to lubricate it with a spray if it doesn’t rotate easily. A good quality double end spanner can easily last a lifetime if proper care is taken. Not just spanners, hand tools manufactured by top brands are of supreme quality and incredible durability.

You should have a separate tool bag for storing the tools. Moisture can have a negative impact it can lead to corrosion. Hence it is advised to keep them far away from moisture.

Finding the right spanner is a hassle-free work. You can head to the e-commerce stores and find a variety of hand tools manufactured by some of the most renowned brands. You can get your favourite tool with a simple click.

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