Vectorium (VCTP) - Key Performers in the Ecology

Vectorium is an ambitious venture that provides a rather interesting proposal for cost. The approach given is supported by Blockchain technology and ARI, targeted at resolving one of the most pressing problems that we as an organization face.

Here is a clear and alarming trend that shapes our progressive society–the enormous increase in the production of waste. Indeed, a World Bank report in 2018 shows that global waste will increase by an astounding 70% by 2050. The growing population and the rapid urbanization were responsible for this. It is clear that immediate action is needed to stop this transformation into a full environmental disaster.

Vectorium enters the picture in this way. The group envisages an environmentally safe and financially prosperous vision for the world.


Vectorium Introduction is a project which aims to address problems related to the increased generation and mismanagement of waste.
The plan extends the so-called waste coin (wtC) method for two distinct cryptocurrencies–Vectorium flash (PoW-based) and Vectorium plus (PoS-based).

The WtC system itself is a form of energy recovery and coin recovery, and is the main aim of the production of electrical and cryptocurrency from waste primary waste treatment and waste processing in the' carbon cryptomining center.' For example,

In short, Vectorium aims to create a digital transmission of energy using blockchain-based technologies from one point to another.
An environmentally friendly, renewable energy mining process.
An uncomfortable way to turn crypto-monetary power back.
A way to turn hazardous waste into encrypted waste.

Key Performers in the Ecology

The actors can be summarized as follows in the world of Vectorium.

These are produced when two or more producers (consortiums) form an unofficial ' prosumer ' group. This is a blend of both suppliers and customers who want to partner with one another.

Vectorium Islands

Vectorium Islands are locations where both renewable energy and cryptocurrencies may be generated by the population. The sites produce energy that combines wind, solar and waste, all of which follow a waste to coin (WtC) process by a virtuous ecosystem regulated with the AI and blockchain-based technology.

It should be remembered that the BREATH system will be at the center of each island. The team says it is a technique that is used by a proprietary system without burning to turn waste into energy then energy into cryptocurrencies. It is unique because it is customizable, because it has nothing to do with the environment, and can utilize waste materials of any type. The system's IPP is still pending and holds a number of 102019000005016. The group also says it has several solar and micro wind system patents.

Vectorium aims to construct and deliver more than 300 Vectorium islands in late 2024, according to the official website.

There are two forms of islands. It should be remembered. The first is a "press down" template of sights in which people currently engage in environmentally friendly projects. The cost of forming these consortia is estimated between $60,000 and D$130,000, with a total ROI of about 8 to 12 per cent.

The next model will be the "top-down" island that combines solar and bio-mass generation by AI and blockchain as mentioned above. This island cost approximately $1.5 million to $3 million and will yield an annual ROI of 12 to 18%.

The group announced that there were already 15 smaller button-up consortia and 7 large top-down islands. Mexico, Australia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Los Angeles, the United Kingdom and Dubai are the first nations to host them.

Team Members

The Vectorium team is made up of specialists from industry. As the company is highly specialized in and produces renewable energy, the majority of team members have their experience exactly in this area.

It is also interesting that only one well-known team member is currently working in the area of blockchain technology and that is the CTO of the company. The design of the project will face a challenge to fulfil its promises.

The nearest achievement according to this group is the founding, by August-September 2019, of exclusive consortia in Torino and Udine, and two islands–one in the UK and one in Costa Rica. These ventures rely on strong collaborators, so that they achieve their excellent vision. The question is that until now we have received no formal reference from any of the organizations involved in the construction of these islands and consortiums from Vectorium. With regard to the technology, Vectorium worked together to achieve its objectives with some influential technological figures.

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