Why is there inequality, if we are fruits of the harvest of Christ?

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Bringing good fruit is not only achieved, it is necessary the help of the Lord, in other words, to the extent that the person is good or fertile land and let Jesus act in his life, will achieve a good harvest where he can offer a product of quality, now we are not talking about oranges or corn, I refer to the behavior that the human being assumes before life. Harvesting is a matter of transformation. The instruments and temperaments must change and prepare to collect the fruit. Everything we can receive from God requires a change on our part. If you sow the Word of God in your family, it will be time to see the results. God is just and gives each one as he deserves. Each one receives what he has sown and harvested for justice. God gave all the people of Israel the same thing but still there were poor people because not everyone took advantage of the law of sowing and harvesting. The gold of the Egyptians, the manna of heaven, the water of the rock, the promised land were distributed with justice but the one who refused to make an effort received a fair payment for his negligence

Proverbs 10: 4-5 recalls: The negligent hand impoverishes; But the hand of the diligent enriches. The one who collects in the summer is an understanding man; He who sleeps in the time of harvest is a son who is ashamed.

It depends on your commitment and enthusiasm if you want to have a comfortable social position. You can not ask God to prosper you if you are not a good worker. Be careful to pretend to buy divine favor, you are making a mistake if offerings and tithes are asked to support your negligence. Only harvest who strives to sow well and takes care of the seed so that good fruit. Also, remember that if you have already planted you must harvest because in that way you exalt your Father.

Parable of the Sower

Jesus explains the parable to his disciples (Mt 13: 18-23), affirming that what the sower sows is the Word of God. It must be kept in mind that Jesus is that Word that is incarnated and given for the redemption of humanity.
The parable as its explanation presents four categories of listeners, according to the openness and reception in the soul:

The grains of the Word that fall on the edge of the road, the birds come and eat them, they are the ones who listen to the Word but the devil comes and takes what was sown by the Word in them;

Others receive the seed as stony ground, there is not much land, it sprouted immediately because it does not have soil depth but the sun rises, it burns or burns and because it does not have roots it dries up. They listen to the Word with joy, they welcome it but as they do not have roots, they are inconstant, there comes the difficulty or persecution for the Word and they soon succumb.

The seed that falls among thorns, when the brambles grow it chokes it, so it does not bear fruit; they are the ones who listen to the Word but the cares of life, the seduction of riches and the desire of everything else invade them, they drown the Word and it becomes sterile and does not bear fruit.

The grains of the Word that fall on good soil grow, develop and bear fruit; they are the ones who listen to the Word and accept it for their spiritual growth.

God gives you the seed to sow, gives you the opportunity to harvest the fruit and also wants to pay you to do it. That is an offer that you can not refuse. Do not embarrass him by refusing to pick up the harvest. Encourage the Lord with your effort and let him transform you into a harvester who is subject to His word and knows how to multiply the blessings you receive..

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