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Sometimes I feel like I have two kids at home. Sharing toys is a mess with my boys. Joda lets Zen get away with almost anything at home because he knows Zen is still a pup. So Zen is just like "Alrighttt, everything is mine, all the balls are mine, all the blankets, all the people, buhahahahah MINE"😈😈
and then he stuffs two balls in his mouth... 🙄🤣

If he sees an other dog going for a ball he will sprint to take it first and he becomes careless, he just wants to snatch the ball,wood, any toy . That's a big problem and also dangerous, had an accident with him while training how to share toys which i'll share with you tomorrow. 🤕
in overall he is doing good, training is paying off , he is getting better but still has a lot of work to do

Wish us luck on more progress 🤞
Tomorrow's story will be posted on
Stay safe and have a nice day😘

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